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56. What would be a difficult or uncomfortable look for you to try and achieve?

Plain, work-a-day, average. Just my hairstyle and tattoos alone prevents that, but also the way I carry and express myself exudes my style, I bleed it into the world. I have an extremely difficult time not being who I am, my husband can attest to that.

Anything ball gown sexy. Or anything fun and flirty. Like a sort of girls gone wild cheerleader is something I couldn't do no matter how hard I tried.

I don’t think there are any looks I could not achieve.

Suburban soccer mom.

Super edgy or androgynous. I'm pretty feminine.

Femme Fatale

Anything that requires a lot of skill. I am terrible at doing hair, for example.

high necked Shift dress, low backed anything

boxy clothing is difficult for my frame.

Very minimalist/boyish and stark look; I’m too curvy and my hair is too curly.


Anything edgy. I just feel like who I am as a person is incompatible with being edgy. I try to be kind and sincere, and I feel like being edgy often involves being aloof and cold. Sometimes I see people wearing clothes that I love, but I know I couldn’t pull them off – I would be trying too hard, and part of the power of the edgy look is not giving a fuck. But then of course, most of those people are trying to appear that way - it's performative, a conscious decision - and underneath the cool exterior, they give just as much of a fuck as I do. So who knows. (Side note: I've used the word "edgy" so much in this answer that it no longer sounds like a word to me.)

Skintight sex bomb in mile high heels. I'd look like a sad, lost soul.

“Club-wear” (ie. shiny, tight, short). I just don’t “get” how to put it together, nor do I necessarily appreciate it, aesthetically. And I’m sure wearing it would feel the opposite of sexy or beautiful or myself.

I have never felt comfortable in new clothes. I do wear the odd piece of new (i.e. bought new by me) clothing, but if I wear an entirely new outfit I can barely stand it, like I'm wearing someone else's skin.

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