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56. What would be a difficult or uncomfortable look for you to try and achieve?

Jeans, jumpers, jackets - all too uncomfortable to wear

Any top with the whole stomach out.


Reality TV star or instagram influencer

Anything requiring a very revealing crop top would be incredibly uncomfortable.

weight loss and smaller size clothing.

Dyeing my hair blond.

Half naked at a gala event

Something long and overflowing. I would drown in it.

Fussy feminine

High heels, a short skirt and no coat on a cold day.

paris hilton 2000s. the puffy shirt from that seinfeld episode, which is for some godforsaken reason a real trend that exists in 2020.

Androgeny. I think it's great on other people but I would feel extremely uncomfortable if I tried to style myself androgenously. I think I wouldn't want anyone to see me and I think it wouldn't work with my features anyways. I love androgeny though.

Anything meant to be wildly sexy or provocative.

Sexy lingerie

To wear tight clothes

Lagenlook. It's so bulky and there are so many earth tones.

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