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56. What would be a difficult or uncomfortable look for you to try and achieve?

Once my extremely preppy Southern friend and I dressed in each other’s clothes for Halloween – this was in college. I wore a crisp polo shirt with khakis, penny loafers with no socks, and felt miserable and mannish. She wore some absurd long crocheted black sweater I owned, gray leggings, weird shoes, and a punk T-shirt. We were both itching to change back within the hour.

Other strong sartorial boundaries I dislike to cross: I’d always prefer not to tuck anything into my pants. I eschew navy blue more heartily than most blue-eyed, pink-cheeked blond women would. I wore a navy blue Catholic school uniform daily for 16 years straight. My personal lifetime quota on that color is totally full, thanks.

Masculine of center is fun on occasion (I've cosplayed as a man before) but I would be uncomfortable maintaining it for a long time. Preppy or "popular" (think Mean Girls) would be uncomfortable and difficult, and I think anything described as "wholesome" would be automatically impossible due to my body art.

Plain, work-a-day, average. Just my hairstyle and tattoos alone prevents that, but also the way I carry and express myself exudes my style, I bleed it into the world. I have an extremely difficult time not being who I am, my husband can attest to that.

Anything ball gown sexy. Or anything fun and flirty. Like a sort of girls gone wild cheerleader is something I couldn't do no matter how hard I tried.

I don’t think there are any looks I could not achieve.

Suburban soccer mom.

Super edgy or androgynous. I'm pretty feminine.

Femme Fatale

Anything that requires a lot of skill. I am terrible at doing hair, for example.

high necked Shift dress, low backed anything

boxy clothing is difficult for my frame.

Very minimalist/boyish and stark look; I’m too curvy and my hair is too curly.


Anything edgy. I just feel like who I am as a person is incompatible with being edgy. I try to be kind and sincere, and I feel like being edgy often involves being aloof and cold. Sometimes I see people wearing clothes that I love, but I know I couldn’t pull them off – I would be trying too hard, and part of the power of the edgy look is not giving a fuck. But then of course, most of those people are trying to appear that way - it's performative, a conscious decision - and underneath the cool exterior, they give just as much of a fuck as I do. So who knows. (Side note: I've used the word "edgy" so much in this answer that it no longer sounds like a word to me.)

Skintight sex bomb in mile high heels. I'd look like a sad, lost soul.

“Club-wear” (ie. shiny, tight, short). I just don’t “get” how to put it together, nor do I necessarily appreciate it, aesthetically. And I’m sure wearing it would feel the opposite of sexy or beautiful or myself.

I have never felt comfortable in new clothes. I do wear the odd piece of new (i.e. bought new by me) clothing, but if I wear an entirely new outfit I can barely stand it, like I'm wearing someone else's skin.

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