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56. What would be a difficult or uncomfortable look for you to try and achieve?

minimalist chic or anything with fringe.

It would be really hard for me to try to look "sexy" or like a "bombshell."

Anything really tight - I would hate to have to wear things that emphasised the size of my stomach! I need to wear things that somewhat hide my stomach, so anything that drew attention to it would make me feel really uncomfortable.

Grandmother look

To look sexy

I'm not and I'll never be a punk. Frilly dresses all the waaaay.


A mini tube dress. I have both a bosom and a round butt. a tube dress would ride up and down and never work. it would be a nightmare, in fact.

Very done, very polished, very restrictive, very corporate.

Any haute couture look


The androgynous look, makeup, preppy, menswear, a business/power suit, dyed hair, sportswear like sneakers or yoga pants, velour tracksuits, rave-wear, day-glo or neon colors, minimalist, tomboy, trendy – I don’t necessarily think these looks would be difficult or uncomfortable for me to achieve, I just don’t want to try.

Trying to negate all the thing that makes me, me.

I would hate to wear black all the time because it makes me feel very funereal.

Everything currently not in my style.

A really tight dress and heels.

Low cut top miniskirt high heels

High-waisted pants! I have tried them on so many times but they seem to look good on everyone but me!

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