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56. What would be a difficult or uncomfortable look for you to try and achieve?

Blonde hair, white jeans and a white t-shirt. I'd die.

Hop Pants, just a top or T-Shirt and High Heels

Anything overtly sexualizing.

Architectural clothing seems difficult to pull off, but it's fascinating, it's definitely a look I'm developing towards.

Anything that doesn´t feel natural according to my taste.

Cyllote with high heels and a white see-through shirt.

Anything involved heels in the daytime.

Tight anything. Anything with corsets or heels. Super feminine- things with extra bows, non-functional features, tie belts, trimmings

I'm not a girly person, and to try dressing in loud prints or red, pink, orange, and yellow would make me feel uncomfortable. I'd rather wear something that fit well in a neutral color than something in a bright color that fits less well.

I think clothes that concerns with skinnies.

Anything designed for really tall, thin women - wide-leg pants with a high waist, going braless. Jeff Eugenides called it "that saluki look" which is about right, if you want to compare a woman to a skinny dog. So some of the 70s looks I love. Maybe I'm more 70s in spirit, like a Grateful Dead girlfriend with a mod twist?

Smaller clothing. To wear

high heels! say it with me now!

A conventionally sexy woman.

anything that requires more than 10 minutes to achieve!

Anything that requires a flat chest. I love how clothes lie on women with small chests, but those same clothes look completely different on my large breasts. It's disappointing.

tailored. i look terrible in white shirts.

starched high collar, tight pants, tight top

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