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60. What do you think of perfume? Do you wear it?

No. It's incredibly antisocial to wear perfume in public

I don’t wear it.

Perfume is essential, my parents aren't into fashion but they're into perfume. I have to wear perfume or perfumed oil. Having a signature scent and smelling good I approach people is important. I think it helps with appeal and energy projection.

Yes..everyday..soft and clean are the best

No, it gives me headaches.

I love them, but can't always wear them because my allergies hate me.

yes i wear perfume all the time.

It is a form of art. I only wear perfume occasionally.

I used to wear daily but rarely nowadays

I love essential oils as scents. Things that smell grassy, floral, and citrusy are my favourite. Wearing perfume feels like putting on a shield.

Yes, smell is an important part of a look, and I like to smell like marshmallows and vanilla with flowers. But I don't add too much to suffocate people with the smell.

I don't. And my husband's allergic.

i really want to get into it, but i don't know where to start. also no one around me wears it daily.

I have anosmia so I can't smell it. I could when I was younger and I remember liking perfume then, but I can't remember how that felt now. I think it usually contains toxic chemicals and I would be very careful about what my perfume was made of if I wore it now. I think it can be inconsiderate to other people to wear it because you never know who around you has allergies or hates certain scents, and the way people wear it is usually overpowering. My parents always get headaches from other people's perfume or cologne so that factored into my awareness about perfume. I like a lightly scented lotion made from non-harmful ingredients. I have a pretty holistic view of these types of things and the knowledge that your skin absorbs anything you put on it. If you wouldn't feel comfortable eating your perfume (because of the chemicals/effect on your health-not the taste) then it's probably not great for your body when it absorbs into your bloodstream.

I save my perfume only for special occasions. As much as I agree that perfume is a lovely addition to enhance your presence while dressing up, I also believe that we should not get very much used to/ dependent on it.

I love perfume and wear it every day.

I love perfume. I get mine from So..

I wear organic, ethical perfume and have said goodbye to nice luxury brands that put the planet and its inhabitants in grave danger (too bad, because I loved them, they smelled nice)

Yeah I love perfume

I think perfume is an accessory. I wear Amor Amor by Cacharel.

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