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60. What do you think of perfume? Do you wear it?

I love perfume and wear it every day.

I love perfume. I get mine from So..

I wear organic, ethical perfume and have said goodbye to nice luxury brands that put the planet and its inhabitants in grave danger (too bad, because I loved them, they smelled nice)

Yeah I love perfume

I think perfume is an accessory. I wear Amor Amor by Cacharel.

Perfume used to trigger migraines in me, so I avoided it, but it doesn't anymore and so I've developed an interest in perfume as this whole new world has opened up.

I like gourmand fragrances, with notes of lavender, honey and vanilla, but they are too heavy for the summer, when I like fresher, woodier fragrances. Lush make a perfume called Breath of God that smells like a bonfire by the beach with a forest just being you, that I like in hotter weather.

CK One and Davidoff Cool Water remind me of a good period in my life.

No I don't wear parfume. I do not like to much. In my 30ies I used Aftershave. But not now (I am in my 50ies) I try to smell neutral.

I love perfume but I find it really hard to get one which lasts on my skin, and which I like the smell of on my skin. I can generally find perfume which falls into one or other of the categories but not both.

every dayclothes and body clean


I wear some yes but its nothing i use every day.

I can't afford it. I wish I could.

I like it alright, in moderation. I wear this amazing citrusy scent all the time.

No. But it's not the worst.

Jill Sander. Sometimes.

I think mine is excellent. It is Elizabeth Arden.

I ALWAYS wear my signature perfume. It's the one thing besides earrings that makes me feel 'finished'.

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