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60. What do you think of perfume? Do you wear it?

i love it - i only wear it for special occasions

i have it. don't wear it. very dangerous if too much. soon too much.

I have body spray. I joke it's my "signature scent" but I think perfume has turned into another thing people with sellable names slap themselves on to make money. Real perfume artists should be furious. I also think it's a waste of money. I really do want to smell like a vanilla cookie and not a "real woman" or whatever else capitalist sexism made up though. Sue me.

I love perfume, but I do wish that it was less expensive than it is. I like perfumes that are subtle. I'm not a huge fan of perfume that completely overpowers a space when you walk in. I have been wearing Daisy by Marc Jacobs for a number of years now, and before that Madame by Jean-Paul Gaultier. I've just run out of Daisy, so now I'm waiting for Christmas or my passing through Duty Free when I go to Japan in February of next year. It's a long time since I haven't worn perfume regularly - it will be a bit strange.

Yes. I think it is essential.

Always.(read it with Snape's voice)

No I prefer body spray

Cloying. I do not wear it.

No. I am sensitive to chemicals. I use essential oils instead, which I love for their purity of smell.

never, it's a waste of money and resources

Love it! Fresh, lemony, green. Verveine, lavender, grapefruit, lime. A long time ago, I would take the bus up to Harrod's in London only to have a free spray of "Obsession". I was absolutely crazy about it but couldn't afford it.

Perfume sucks. Even when you drown yourself in it, the scent lasts for 0.5 seconds. I don't wear perfume- I wear deodorant.

I don’t wear perfume, specifically, but I do wear body spray or scented lotion (which I find to be lighter and more subtle than perfume). I also generally only wear food- or drink-based scents like vanilla, green tea, and strawberries and champagne.

Nope! I hate it! Usually people that perfume put far too much!

I like to smell it but it feels unnatural on me - I find it a bit nauseating to have a scent hanging around all day.

I love my signature scent: Blanc by byredo

Yes, I wear the same perfume every day. I only recently changed fragrance after several years.

Love it yes

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