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60. What do you think of perfume? Do you wear it?

I love it cautiously. I am hyper aware that whatever perfume I’m wearing will be forever inextricably tied to whatever happens to me that day. I could tell my whole life story with a trail of perfumes. I’ve gladly abandoned many scents throughout the years.

I do, I love it for mood or armor or lift.

I'm very sensitive to smells and I also have asthma so I never wear perfume. I used to wear vanilla and 'dream' perfume from the Gap in high school, but who didn't? I love smells because they bring back memories. Every once in awhile I smell my kindergarten teacher and when I turn around I'm a bit disappointed it isn't her.

I'm obsessed with it. I wear it. I buy samples from, so I can try every perfume, especially the ones I can't afford. Nice to be able to wear a 600 dollar perfume for a few times.

Yes, I think it's great when worn subtly and I chose to wear either Wild Blue Bell cologne by Jo Malone or The Soft Lawn by Imaginary Authors.

I do wear it, though not every day. I have two that I alternate between. One is called Elige. Mary Kay sells it, and my aunt gave it to me years ago, and I've kept asking for it for various birthdays and Christmases. The other is just a cucumber-­scented Dove body spray. I like that one for warmer days.

Occasionally tea rose. OR there is this lavender face spray that I've been assured is organic and non toxic.

I just got into this. I always wear the same one every day. My best friend inspired me to get a "signature scent," and I like "Flowerbomb."

Perfume is great when you don't have time to shower.

i love it, yes.

subtle love

Like it, rarely wear it and don't have a signature scent.

I wear Comme des Garcons in Rhubarb Sherbet.

I gave it up because my husband is not crazy about it.

Yes. Same one for years. Narciso Rodriguez (black)

I wore a very small amount of perfume before I had a baby. I've since stopped because I was worried she wouldn't recognize my smell. One day I'll start wearing it again.

I have certain perfumes I like to wear - all perfume purchases are assisted by my friend Steph, who of all people I know has the ability to choose perfume with confidence and sensitivity. She approaches scent counters with great seriousness and I love to watch her nose twitch over a bottle of scent, assessing it.

It usually sucks, but occasionally is amazing. I like to smell people's sweat, which also usually sucks, but occasionally is amazing.

I feel positively towards essential oils. I like particularly like wearing scents derived from plants. I generally dislike commercial perfumes, especially anything with pheromones. Except that every now and then a lovely, well-dressed lady will swoop by in a soft floral cloud and I appreciate her well-perfected femininity.

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