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61. What are some things you need to do to your body or clothes in order to feel presentable?

just plain cleanliness

Shave. peelings because of dry skin. bush my teeth. get my hair in order.

Eyebrows are waxed. Bra is good to go. My body tends to fluctuate but I do prefer control of those things.

I feel much more presentable once I've moisturised my skin, had my eyebrows tidied and shaved my legs. I'm also very big on wearing ironed clothes. I absolutely detest ironing myself and am very bad at it, so I'm lucky that my partner is good at ironing and can be roped into doing mine by way of a gentle reminder that I am the one who does all of the cooking so it's only fair! I hate going out wearing something that needs ironing but hasn't been.


I take a good care of both me and my clothes.

Make sure my extra weight is unnoticeable, have a top that will cover up enough but show a little And I don't wear underwear because they squeeze my extra weight and present it to the world

Clean hair, red lipstick. Clean clothes.

I need to be wearing fitted clothing free of stains or cat hair. I need my hair to be clean, and I prefer to have make-up on.

Generally: comb my hair, press a damp washcloth on my face, not smell terrible, and change out of what I slept in.

lose weight

I just need to be me, and clean.

Bathe or shower (including washing my face, body, and hair), brush my teeth, brush my hair, exercise, wash and iron clothing. I feel best in black.

Washing? Combing my hair in what i find a pretty way.

Not a lot really. I don’t iron and I don’t even shower every day and I never brush my hair. I brush my teeth and I wear deodorant which I think is usually enough.

Iron wrinkly clothes, make sure they are clean and have a good posture.

Make sure they're not too creased so I iron before wearing if necessary. I need to wash my face as well, and moisturise it. I need to brush my hair.


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