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65. What is your favorite piece of clothing or jewelry that you own?

I have too many to count. I want as many of my clothes as possible to feel like favorites.

My long strand of pearls.

My dungarees that match my 5 year old daughter's.

My three band ring, I got it for my 18th birthday and wear it everyday

I don't have favorite

My Timberland Camdale 6-inch boots in "wheat nubuck." They're like the original Timberland work boot worn by rappers, with a 4-inch heel.
To me, these boots communicate a real toughness. The color reminds me of my blue-collar Dad's carhartt work jacket.

I have a long, khaki, military style jacket with very clean lines that my brother gave me when he realised it was too small for him. It's very comfortable and both informal (the colour and fabric) and sophisticated (the lines are excellent).

It is a leather jacket mady by a Tailor.

my joanne burke jewellery and a yin-yang fur/fake-fur coat I sewed myself from scrap vests I bought in op shops

Favourite item of jewellery is my grandmother's wedding ring. I wear it every day.

Favourite item of clothing changes, but I do have a nostalgic love for a blue pea coat which I bought when I was a teenager. It's been through a lot with me and still fits, and I'd never part with it.

gold horse, fathers ring, pearls with hand carved gold koi fish as fastener

A dress that is black With see-thru arms and back.

I have a pair of pink cat eye sunglasses. The frame is pink, and so are the lenses. They're perfect.

My Tevas. I wear them everywhere.

I had a necklace with a bunch of black pentagons framed in gold. My sister took that too!

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