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65. What is your favorite piece of clothing or jewelry that you own?

My Tevas. I wear them everywhere.

I had a necklace with a bunch of black pentagons framed in gold. My sister took that too!

It is my bracelet.

A floor-length, royal-purple, velvet Victorian dress complete with puffy sleeves & ruffled collar is my favorite item of clothing. My favorite piece of jewelry is a large, hand-made pewter peace sign on a suede cord necklace.

Turquoise jewelry.

My blue polka dot dress. It was the toile for a pattern, and it turned out so well, I've worn it to pieces. I'm making another before that one falls off me in a public place.
In that dress, I am invincible. And twirly.

Dark grey wool cardigan.

A silk tunic from India that I have had for over 15 years, is in great condition and fits well regardless of fat or skinny months!!

I have a beautiful small italian handbag

I like my cherry shirt that ties in the middle. It doesn't always feel amazing on me because I don't always feel great in my body, but I like that I own it a lot.

My favorite clothing piece is this reversible quilted kantha floral-print jacket. It is colorful and beautiful and goes with every outfit. I got it from an etsy shop run from Jaipur, India.

My favourite piece of jewellery is the Karen Walker flower earrings that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas not too long after we had met. I was always so amazed that he had gone to the effort of buying me earrings that he knew I so desperately wanted.

My favourite piece of clothing is a black sheer kimono style cardigan that I bought from a second-hand vintage store in Wellington, New Zealand many years ago. It's covered in brightly coloured flowers and has a really beautiful tube trimming around it. I have absolutely thrashed it (I wear it often over black dresses, as it's good for hiding my protruding belly!) but it still looks in good condition. Every time I wear it someone comments on how beautiful it is. It only cost me about $70.00.

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