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65. What is your favorite piece of clothing or jewelry that you own?

I don't understand the concept of 'favourite' clothes
To me, that's like having a favourite paving slap you step on while walking to work

Patagonia synchilla fleece. I used to think I looked great in it. Now I feel I look fat.

Right now it's a grey pair of sweatpants that I live in and a gold snake bracelet.

Wedding ring

That's hard. I love most of my clothes, a lot. I don't hang on to stuff that I don't really enjoy and love unless it's a necessary placeholder until I find the right version of that item.

My rings.

i wear crosses and pretty jewelry keychains.

My shirts. They are the base of my current style.

A little black dress

Rings. A dark blue floral dress.

An empire waisted black and white stripe top and black leggings.

a bootleg t-shirt advertising the band Slint.

I have too many to count. I want as many of my clothes as possible to feel like favorites.

My long strand of pearls.

My dungarees that match my 5 year old daughter's.

My three band ring, I got it for my 18th birthday and wear it everyday

I don't have favorite

My Timberland Camdale 6-inch boots in "wheat nubuck." They're like the original Timberland work boot worn by rappers, with a 4-inch heel.
To me, these boots communicate a real toughness. The color reminds me of my blue-collar Dad's carhartt work jacket.

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