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65. What is your favorite piece of clothing or jewelry that you own?

I love my Rolex anchor necklace made by Seahag and Walrus and my gap skinny jeans.

My Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds t-shirt because it's black, comfortable, and I bought it after I met him!

This simple silver necklace from Taxco, Mexico.

I have a pair of black heeled clogs that claim they hail from Sweden that make me very happy. Clomp, clomp, clomp. Tall and happy.

It's stupid, but my cousin and I wear these gray sweatsuits and I love it. They are so comfy and cheap, and it always reminds of spending time with her.

always changing. but currently: it is a pair of classic leather penny loafers.

Two rings my grandmother gave me. I never wear them. One of them is a band with 2 swans engraved and was passed onto my great-grandmother by a friend of the family.

I am partial to my bird talon ring. I wear it nearly every day. I bought it for myself for Christmas a few years ago handmade from an Etsy seller.

It changes over time. Right now I love my Martin Margellia necklace that looks like a giant key ring that I got at H&M. It looks great one but also people are always shocked when I tell them where I got it and that makes me feel good.

Jewelry – possibly the ring my great-grandfather gave to my grandmother, with her initials etched on the surface. He was killed in the Holocaust, but she survived, and we are very, very, insanely close. She gave me the ring last year, and I’ve been wearing it every day. I also love a necklace my boyfriend gave me of a key, because he read that Paul Simonon wears a key around his neck while on tour so he never feels far from home, and earrings my mom gave me in the shape of a Sierpinski Gasket, the structure for my favorite book, Infinite Jest. I also love this ring I bought shaped like Ouroboros, the serpent eating its own tail. Clothing – Possibly my mom's old Les Mis t-shirt, because I have an emotional attachment to it. I have tons of old clothes saved because of emotional attachment. Even though I don’t wear them anymore, I just like to know that they're still with me. If I decide to get rid of something that I once loved or reminds me of a particular moment in my life (even a bad one!), I take a photo of it, so I’ll at least have a record that it existed.

a leather skirt
a silver dress
a long, black silk dress
a black bamboo dress
an apron, seersucker dress
a black velvet jacket
a leather coat and the coat with leather sleeves
a vintage mink stole
a long, camel-hair coat
a white fur hat that I lost (I still think about it all the time)
a rubber and metal bracelet
bone and metal earrings from Finland
a silver wolf skull-replica necklace
a black heart necklace
motorcycle boots
black (Dr. Martens) boots with a heel
black patent heels
taupe wedges (that I always wear with flesh-coloured fishnet stockings) (I hate taupe but I like these guys)
a leather & metal belt with fire etchings

A navy blue Comme des Garçons jacket with brown buttons.

Two pieces of my mom’s. One is a burgundy Jones New York patterned sweater from the 80s, and the other is a floral top that she sewed when she was 18, and that I hemmed and altered when I was 18. (I don’t wear that one a lot…but I love that I have it. Just holding it makes me emotional. It feels so charged with love, and history. And is so soft.)

My potato necklace.

My favorite piece of clothing is a soft, oversized grey sweatshirt that I wore nearly everyday for two years. I used to call it “my boyfriend”. Now it’s so old and worn-out that I can’t wash it for fear it will totally disintegrate. So, I only get to wear it on special days. So, I now call it “special sweatshirt”. Wearing it feels like therapy, cuddling, yoga and a nap all at once.

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