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65. What is your favorite piece of clothing or jewelry that you own?

I have a pair of pink cat eye sunglasses. The frame is pink, and so are the lenses. They're perfect.

My Tevas. I wear them everywhere.

I had a necklace with a bunch of black pentagons framed in gold. My sister took that too!

It is my bracelet.

A floor-length, royal-purple, velvet Victorian dress complete with puffy sleeves & ruffled collar is my favorite item of clothing. My favorite piece of jewelry is a large, hand-made pewter peace sign on a suede cord necklace.

Turquoise jewelry.

My blue polka dot dress. It was the toile for a pattern, and it turned out so well, I've worn it to pieces. I'm making another before that one falls off me in a public place.
In that dress, I am invincible. And twirly.

Dark grey wool cardigan.

A silk tunic from India that I have had for over 15 years, is in great condition and fits well regardless of fat or skinny months!!

I have a beautiful small italian handbag

I like my cherry shirt that ties in the middle. It doesn't always feel amazing on me because I don't always feel great in my body, but I like that I own it a lot.

My favorite clothing piece is this reversible quilted kantha floral-print jacket. It is colorful and beautiful and goes with every outfit. I got it from an etsy shop run from Jaipur, India.

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