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73. What item of clothing are you still (or have you forever been) on the hunt for?

A pair of very baroque looking Chanel ankle boots that I saw in a store when I was fifteen and haven't stopped thinking about since. My holy grail shoe that I still try to find online...
"Chanel Brocade Lace-Up Ankle Boots- Gold and beige woven brocade Chanel ankle boots with peep toes, cutout at counters featuring gold-tone interlocking CC accent, engraved heels and lace-up closure at uppers."

Also vintage or organic. Impossible for my body shape

My pants

Pleather pants that don't stretch out to infinity after 6 hours of wear.

a dress by a californian maker with a wonderful open back and puff sleeves.

A cardigan which looks good on me.

something that acts like a shirt waist dress but isnt


Love see-thru clothing in general.

An ethically sourced, affordable fur coat!

A good pair of white shoes. I may have found them though... I saw a friend with some Reeboks that may finally do the trick.

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