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73. What item of clothing are you still (or have you forever been) on the hunt for?

i need just thr right dress - i cannot consolidate my shape

a dress from a tv-series i love. a long red evening-gown

That PERFECT black dress that I lost. Anything that fits impeccably. I don't let them get away!

I am still on the hunt for an incredibly well fitting and good looking pair of jeans.

Soft and sexy tops

A lot of extremely expensive bags.

I don't actually think I have.

I am happy with my wardrobe at the moment.

A perfect black skirt that doesn't cling, or show my underpants, or is too corporate, and that would go with anything.

the perfect bag

Black shiny Roger Vivier shoes with silver buckle.

The Opening Ceremony sweatshirt with the phrase, "Love Me Tender," sewn onto it; a sweatshirt with Aaliyah's face on it; and a T-shirt Amy Winehouse once wore with (black) Women of Greatness (Shirley Chisholm, Rosa Parks, Coretta S. King, Maya Angelou, and Mahalia Jackson) on it.

Shoes that are not trainers, like city shoes but waterproof and that last!

The perfect pair of pants! I have a big bum and I need pants that are black, seam free, cotton and don’t dig in anywhere. It shouldn’t be this hard but I think I’ve been looking for something like this for 5 years now. Two styles have come close. One is a specific thong which isn’t ideal for every outfit, and the other is a specific Brazilian which is perfect except that the seam free tape falls off after a few washes. Suggestions on a postcard please.

A truly perfect coat that is the right length, weight and cut.

Perfect jeans

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