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73. What item of clothing are you still (or have you forever been) on the hunt for?

Clown dresses. And coats. There's one from Cirque du Soleil I saw that I adored, purple with huge pockets and buttons, I have a picture around here somewhere...

I’d like some vintage tapestry boots, a Fendi bucket bag, and a dress for the opera (does that sound pretentious?)

I am still sad that I never bought the bright yellow Doc Marten boots that had small black illustrations of stereotypical British things on them (Big Ben, Bobbies, etc.). They were so ridiculous and awesome and I saw them at an outlet for something like $25 in the mid-90s. I ended up buying a bright blue pair instead for a similar price, but I still think about that other pair. I should have bought both.

Still hunting for:

Black leather shorts.
Cowboy boots actually worn by an equestrian in the past. (This just seems more legit.)
A hat that I would actually wear regularly. (Straw.)
The perfect watch. (Pocket watch? Wrist? Don't know.)

Nothing, really. I am not fashionable enough for that.

the perfect light brown corduroy suit

these italian ballet flats that i noticed in someone's closet in east hampton one summer. i haven't been able to remember the brand and no matter how much i google - nothing rings a bell. i think they start with a b.......

I will always seek out old rhinestone jewelry, like your grandma would wear.

I'm forever on the hunt for the imitation pearl and silver brooch I lost from the lapel of my coat a few years ago. The brooch had belonged to my great grandmother and was probably the worst possible item of clothing I could have lost: I still wince when I think of it. I think I'll probably be looking at brooches forevermore.

Yves St. Laurent Le Smoking. Have been scouring consignment shops my entire life for one.

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