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77. How and when do you shop for clothes?

No i dont think so.

My first pair of platforms ever. I sort of have an obsession. I became more and more attached and eventually bought some more. The rest is history.

Yes. It was about the dress I choose to wear at party.

That polka dot dress.
What is stunning is that I still fit it, 20 years and 40 pounds later, and it still kills.
I don't know that I have shoes I can say that about.

a pair of denim shorts. i never used to wear shorts. ever. but i went on holiday and i knew that i would overheat if i worn anything long, so i brought a pair of shorts. i wore them everyday and fell in love with them.

A black cotton cardigan, mens. I bought it second-hand, without much a thought. It became one of my favourites and I have bought a similar one later.

I have a pair of boots which were a last minute purchase but they have proved their worth

I have a green cable knit sweater I got out of a box in college. I like to wear it as a completer piece a lot of the time with a colorful oxford! I always think, actually "I can't believe I still have this I really like it." It's about 5 years old now.

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