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77. How and when do you shop for clothes?

I can't think of anything just yet. Perhaps my necklace made of wood salvaged from earthquake damaged houses in Christchurch - I think as time goes on that relic of the past will become more and more valuable.

My rose and skull dress lol. I saw it, and asked for my size, then I put it on in the dressing room and had them take the tags off with me still wearing it.

Yes! This happens all the time. Because sometimes the most boring stuff to buy is most useful, like a plain tshirt or or pair of jeans bought in a hurry.


A textured, black A-line tank top. I initially thought it was lacking, but it has become the ideal exercise shirt.

A very simple striped t-shirt, never imagined i could put it on so much, and as soon as clean and wet, on again! I guess i love t-shirt, stripes and green, this item have it all haha!

Most of my clothes haven't lost alot of their value, but as i normally research my purchases, no.

No, I am always considered about my choices of clothing.

I donated some money to the kickstarter of a band I really like and they sent me a necklace made with one of the guitar picks they recorded with. At the time I just figured it'd be a cool momento but it went on to become my lucky necklace.

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