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79. How does how you dress play into your ambitions for yourself?

I’m a writer and work at home, so I celebrate the slob look of a freelancer. Although honestly “slob” is an exaggeration for how I actually dress. Mostly I’d describe what I wear to every occasion as remarkably consistent in a reasonably smart, hopefully witty, informality.

Both are outside the norm! I dress unusually and have a lot of body art, which means I won't end up with many office-type jobs. I dress for myself to make myself happy, and I hope to work for myself to make myself happy.

I think so, yes.

Favourably. I'm an ambitious person and my style suits the type of ambition I have. I recognize that in order to get places in the world it's good to be known and my style positions me perfectly in the getting known category. It's hard to forget the girl slathered in rainbows with wings on her shoes.

Luckily most of my ambitions take place behind closed doors where I can curate what the world thinks I look like at any given moment.

Since I'm a writer and a local art/music promoter, I suppose my style looks like the sort of person who might do that. I like band shirts and Doctor Who shirts, and I like Converse and my flats with skulls on them, and my hair's not a "regular" color.

I suppose I want to be able to look however I feel like looking and still be able to do what I want.

This question, for me, points towards the idea that we dress as versions of who we want to be, or how we want to be perceived. I think, however, that while I do have a certain understanding of my own "taste" or "style," I do not necessarily follow it myself. Instead, my ideas of what good taste might be exist separately from how I choose to display clothing on my own body. This is interesting when you consider how you observe others, and how you judge who has good style and who does not in your surrounds. Naturally, one tends to use the visual parameter of what you see in front of you-- without considering the possibility someone might have good taste but dress terribly. This also seems unlikely, so I may just be defending past rumpled mornings.

I try to dress to keep myself inspired and motivated. I like dressing up for work, even though the culture is really relaxed. It separates who I am when I in the office and out, and dressing nicer keeps me going during the day.

not really at all.

i dress for what i want.

I want to dress well on an everyday basis to feel good with myself, and be pleasant to others.

I sometimes get flak at work for dressing more creatively than my very corporate environment (I have a creative job within a corporation). I do sometimes need to adhere to the edict of “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” so have lately been throwing more blazers over the whole ensemble to dress it up a little more.

I have a hard time spending money on clothes. For pants, I cap at $90 (and I only own 3 pairs of pants that I bought new), and for tops, I will rarely spend over $30. Pricing the outfit I am wearing now…it actually cost nothing…all hand-me-downs.

I started buying more expensive weirdly classic clothes in the last few years. Commes de Garcons sample sales. Asymmetrical. Ageless. But then a friend was like, "You could still just be pretty for a few more years. You don't have to fall into that artsy lady style just yet." That depressed me.

I *am* an artist and performer and writer and professor. So I am trying to be a little more grown up.

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