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79. How does how you dress play into your ambitions for yourself?

In no way whatsoever

When I dress well, it shows I respect and care about myself; I want to have more care, respect and love for myself and I want others to do the same.


It pushes me out of my comfort zone since I try not to fall into routines of how I dress, which helps me think of other ways to push myself in other areas of my life.

snowman and coffee. art.

I has quite a role in it.

My dress is not in connections with my ambitions. But I am not quite sure if I understand the question well.

Adventurous and not afraid to try new styles.

It doesn’t

I try to dress for the person I want to be.

i wear atheleisure because i want to be muscular. i dress like i work in an office even when i don't, because i want to.

I'm not sure that it does. Maybe it plays into my ambitions for my internal self, such as continuing to cultivate my ability to incorporate self expression into all that I do. I like how personal the way I dress is and that it probably reveals something about the way I think.

I want people to see a certain side of me

It plays a very vital role in my ambitions

I want to portray an image of confidence, strength, individuality, and independence. I think my clothing portrays the woman I want to be.

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