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79. How does how you dress play into your ambitions for yourself?

My clothes follow me in every aspect of my life.

It shows my musical side

Yes, I want to seem mildly artistic (I am a freelance writer), so I dress with a bit of alterna flair--never totally mainstream

I want to be a professor, so I sometimes like to dress as if I am one.

I like to dress like an artist. It makes me feel more legitimate in my creative pursuits.

I don't think it has much to do with it

No idea. Maybe: I dress according to my ambition not to look dull, sad, old or boring.

My ambitions are artistic, intellectual, and professional and I dress accordingly.

I think it remind me to be humble! And to sweep in front of my door before giving lesson to others, "changing myself then maybe having ambitions to change the world".

I think having pride and thought in what you wear shows you take pride in other aspects of your life. My ambition is to be a successful designer so I think presenting myself is a important.

I have shopping goals but not anything else.

Only in the sense that I work in the arts and would like to continue to do so, so I think how I dress translates this idea whether that is conscious or not.

I like to look neat calm subtle

It doesn't, to be honest.

It suits me

I was once told to dress for the job you want not the job you have. This has been good advice for me.

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