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79. How does how you dress play into your ambitions for yourself?

That's a good question because I have no idea what my ambitions for myself are right now. Dressing plays into it because I always have these fantasies of myself and who I will be in ten or twenty years from now. The fantasies always just involve where I'll be living, who my friends will be, and what I'll be wearing. I imagine myself as a whole person, a kind of character, before I imagine what kind of job I'll have or whether I'll be in a relationship.

Bathrobes dampen abition, I assure you.

I want to look good whenever I want to, and my current job doesn´t give me the freedom to choose, but I am about to jump into a new reality in which I can work from home, so there won´t be anybody around to tell me what to wear.

I don't think of myself as ambitious, except somewhat intellectually

I believed that the way you dress up reflects on what you want to be in life.

Important Very.

I want to look well-brushed because I want to have it all together

I don't understand this question.

it is a way of self expression

I don't have much ambition for myself, other than to keep trying things out and see if they stick (jobs, places, relationships), so I guess the way I dress mirrors that pretty well.

I try and dress above my station. I often, therefore, feel uncomfortable in my clothes. Maybe I shouldn't do this.

hard to say

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