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83. Do you remember the first time you were conscious of what you were wearing? Can you describe this moment and what it was about?

Can't remember.

Low cut halter on bra

i wore a bathing suit.

In college years. I wanted to differentiate myself from the rest of the girls in class. To make a statement about my preferences.

It was at least 60 years ago and I wore a light blue summer dress and I went with my mother to a photographer.

When I was just 4, I woke up first one morning before my parents, and wanted to go out and play on the swing set so I chose the clothes I knew I could put on with no zips, or buttons or clasps, green terry cloths shorts and t-shirt and put them on and went out to swing in the dew.

When I was a child I guess. I wore a leather skirt and a pink tank top and another kid made a whistle sound and I felt like I needed to cover up.

As a teenager

When I realized that other girls were wearing pants as part of the school uniform. But I liked dresses so much that I couldn't really conceptualize wearing pants anyway.

my first day of kindergarden, my mom dressed me in a plaid, pleated dress. my hair was long and in two braids with plastic clips. i loved this outfit since it felt like a school uniform and i was excited to start that chapter of my life. i have always loved picking an outfit for the first day of class.

I don't think I can! I can see it when I look at childhood photos though. When I was first able to dress myself the way I dressed was like a caricature of how I perceived glamour. I've always been "girly".

I had short hair when I was little and people would always mistake me for a boy. Even happened sometimes if I was wearing a dress, which is odd. It made me want to grow out my hair when I got older.

Primary school, annoyed to wear my sister's old clothes

When I was wearing a beautiful dress in my birthday

I remember feeling really slick at age 2 in a "101 Dalmations" swimsuit. It was aquamarine with a silly waistline ruffle.
The memory is definitely augmented by photos, but I loved that fucking swimsuit.

When I was a kid (6? 7?) we went to a wedding in the south of France. I had a bob haircut, was wearing white trousers and a blue blazer. My parents kept saying how good I looked but I felt ugly because I wanted to wear a dress and have long hair. In hindsight I probably looked very chic, but children don't want to look chic.

I guess I must have been in my Kindergarten-Years 4 or 5 years old. I was wearing something I was wearing on my first Birthday. I know that because I had a photo where I am with this polo Shirt. Back then I thought I still have what I wore back then.

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