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83. Do you remember the first time you were conscious of what you were wearing? Can you describe this moment and what it was about?

I've always been really conscious about me and my sourroundings.

I was probably 12 and it had to do with being judged at school

Yes, I was three years old and my mother put me in a bikini. I walked around with my hand over my belly button because I felt vulnerable to sexual attention if anyone should see it.

From an early age I was aware of the possibility of sexual harassment and did whatever I could to avoid drawing attention to myself in that way. I hated being called pretty when I was little, I found that very threatening.

I remember my cousin would come over and paint my nails. I was maybe 3? I would get a fushia base coat, covered by a layer of multi-colored glitter polish.

As a little girl, I was very conscious of the colours and styles of my clothes. I still remember dresses I wore when I was five or six. For example, a beautiful smocked dress, dark red with tiny flowers in yellow and green given to me by my auntie in Rome.

When I was a kid I vowed to always have colors and to dress for myself, not for the 'popular girls'.

That famous vintage handmade dress! I feel invisible 90% of the time in the streets but when i put on this one, i feel like if i was Marilyn Monroe, and EVERY SINGLE MAN is disgustingly looking at me like in a parody of roger rabbit. So scary! I felt like i was a hunted deer!!

I don’t know about first memories but I have quite a few memories of dressing up when I was little for Hallowe’en for example.

I remember in second grade being aware of my leggings (they were called in the 90s pants). They were blue and had flowers and i had loved them because they were so comfy. But i questioned them. Were they too childish? Some of the popular kids has cooler clothes.

This is all i remember. During school i wasn't so worried about what the others thought of my clothes. I had better things to do. This moment has just stuck with me.

I don't remember a distinct moment. I just realised the potential of clothes to communicate my personality whilst studying at university and talking to friends about different brands. It was a slow progression.

Primary school, horrible girls who were mean about my clothes, shoes

I don't remember.

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