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83. Do you remember the first time you were conscious of what you were wearing? Can you describe this moment and what it was about?

I remember my cousin would come over and paint my nails. I was maybe 3? I would get a fushia base coat, covered by a layer of multi-colored glitter polish.

As a little girl, I was very conscious of the colours and styles of my clothes. I still remember dresses I wore when I was five or six. For example, a beautiful smocked dress, dark red with tiny flowers in yellow and green given to me by my auntie in Rome.

When I was a kid I vowed to always have colors and to dress for myself, not for the 'popular girls'.

That famous vintage handmade dress! I feel invisible 90% of the time in the streets but when i put on this one, i feel like if i was Marilyn Monroe, and EVERY SINGLE MAN is disgustingly looking at me like in a parody of roger rabbit. So scary! I felt like i was a hunted deer!!

I don’t know about first memories but I have quite a few memories of dressing up when I was little for Hallowe’en for example.

I remember in second grade being aware of my leggings (they were called in the 90s pants). They were blue and had flowers and i had loved them because they were so comfy. But i questioned them. Were they too childish? Some of the popular kids has cooler clothes.

This is all i remember. During school i wasn't so worried about what the others thought of my clothes. I had better things to do. This moment has just stuck with me.

I don't remember a distinct moment. I just realised the potential of clothes to communicate my personality whilst studying at university and talking to friends about different brands. It was a slow progression.

Primary school, horrible girls who were mean about my clothes, shoes

I don't remember.

I was five and my shoes were red patent leather. They clicked when I walked. My dress was red dotted Swiss. The fabric smelled good. My mom made my dress and it was beautiful.

Probably when I was about four and Mum was making me wear a pretty dress that I hated to visit someone/and have my photo taken in. There's a hilarious photo of mum having done my hair all pretty and I'm in this pretty dress and I look totally pissed about the whole situation.

From a very young age, I was very self-conscious about my body and felt that translate into my style choices. Now, I'm learning how to be aware of my body but not let that hinder me.

No, as a kid I always used to dress myself in the most outrageous outfits.

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