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83. Do you remember the first time you were conscious of what you were wearing? Can you describe this moment and what it was about?

Primary school, horrible girls who were mean about my clothes, shoes

I don't remember.

I was five and my shoes were red patent leather. They clicked when I walked. My dress was red dotted Swiss. The fabric smelled good. My mom made my dress and it was beautiful.

Probably when I was about four and Mum was making me wear a pretty dress that I hated to visit someone/and have my photo taken in. There's a hilarious photo of mum having done my hair all pretty and I'm in this pretty dress and I look totally pissed about the whole situation.

From a very young age, I was very self-conscious about my body and felt that translate into my style choices. Now, I'm learning how to be aware of my body but not let that hinder me.

No, as a kid I always used to dress myself in the most outrageous outfits.

As children in my family we all had to have a new outfit for Easter. I always had a cute, frilly dress with matching hat. I wore it all in misery because the crinoline slip under the dress itched like poison ivy, the new shoes wore blisters on my feet, and the hat fell off every time I bent over.. I believe that is the origin of my choosing comfort over fashion.

I remember wearing a pink nightie and realizing for the first time that my boobs were growing and I suddenly felt self conscious.

I cant, I'm afraid.

i felt me in love with me

Yes. Those cutoffs at age six. I felt cool, and comfortable and in control of my destiny.

I was maybe 7, my mom wanted to buy me a dress, i said no i hate it, i picked a white, sleeveless turtle.neck white dress with printed zoo animals.

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