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2. Do you notice women on the street?

women that have a sense of being true to their self and strong and determined

I tend to notice fashionable women who like taking risks and being different. I admire women who look confident and not scared to speak up or take a different and just route.

Definitely. I really admire women who are wearing something unconventional and pulling it off. Or who have very little make-up on and seem completely at ease with themselves in that state.

very simple, edited, purposeful look

long hair pretty make up and clothes

I always notice women on the street. I especially admire those who are being bold, or wearing a combination of colors/styles/outfits that I've never noticed before. And people, also, who dress cohesively, which is something I sort of fear. On the east coast, I noticed that I always felt underdressed compared to other women.

Yes i do notice and admire women who looks confindent, not just because of their clothes but in general.

I used to confuse my admiration of women on the street with my queerness, but at this point I know my romantic/sexual attraction lies in butch women, and my aesthetic attraction lies in literally anyone wearing colors, patterns, and/or accessories. I like gaudy and vintage, although recently I've been in to minimalism.

I notice women that make unusual choices of clothes that I would never make such as tight clothes or from a different decade. I notice them because they are going outside of what corporate style would recommend and I think that is brave.

Unfortunately, I live in a small town without a lot of humans who I am drawn to but I feel like when it has happened I am drawn to girls with simple beauty and a style similar to mine. Like maybe a blonde girl with natural hair and skin wearing some denim and high top chucks. If I saw someone like that I wouldn't be able to stop staring and I'd probably be secretly wishing to be her friend.

I like women that seem confident, that laugh loud and can be alone in a compulsive crowd. Women that go to the cinema or to the bar alone and enjoy their own company.

Well, I'm queer, so generally I either notice women that I think are well-dressed or striking, and very occasionally someone who is both. I also notice men in the same way.

I notice every woman on the street. I tend to admire most the ones that you can’t quite put a finger on, that you could never fit into a box. I aspire to break labels like that.

long legs with white skin

Women wearing colorful, patterned clothes. Women wearing hats. The color red.

Yes. Futch women.
Women with swag. Intentional waring of clothes.
How they hold themselves.
Invisible queer women... futch women.

Yes, women who have makeup-artist style makeup, well put together outfits, and the conventionally attractive skinny body I wish I could have.

I feel like I notice people all the time. I couldn't say what always draws me to them. Usually just that they're people, being themselves in the world, probably. I guess I wonder who everybody is.

I especially notice and admire the ones who are wearing A-line mid-thigh tunics and hats or caps. Women like me. I once - only once - saw someone, somewhere in Tunisia, who looked EXACTLY the way I would like to look, in terms of clothing and personality. She was looking as if she came from a neolithic age, a couple of thousand years ago. She was wearing a brown knee-length suede tunic, had brown, mid-length layered hair, was probably wearing sandals and she was smiling. She looked incredibly free and authentic and happy and had a great flair and nonchalance, in the best sense. I saw her only briefly, I saw her just walking by, now about 17 years ago, but I will never forget her.

Yes! I always notice women who have what I want- the good clothes, the perfect makeup- basically the ones who look well put together in general.

Definitely! I notice women who are well dressed, or who dress differently than most people, especially when it's unconventional. For example, I was obsessed with this woman I saw for .2 seconds that I passed on the sidewalk yesterday with pink eyebrows. I also admire women who just casually walk around smiling because I think it's really nice they're happy.

ones with the same type of style i have or ones with bizarre fashion senses

Yes, I do. I notice those woman who use make up and do high light on their hair.

I love seeing women who are unique in their own style and fashion. I particularly notice cool clothes, nice makeup or hair, or something as simple as their smile.

I only notice women on the street if they seem to be "phony" or overly-made up. I especially notice women who have ridiculous manicured/fake fingernails. My own fingernails grow so fast & I simply don't understand how one can do anything with finger-fangs.

Those that care about how they look.

I tend to admire women with pretty makeup, pretty hair or pretty clothes/shoes.

who look confident and fit and also on how they conduct themselves and show an independent personality.

i admire women with styles that are a little androgynous, a little insouciant, sort of arty or design-y, visually strong, confident, a little laid back.

I'm fairly observant so I'd say I notice most people on the street, but the women that I notice/admire most are probably those who either appear to have everything "together" (you know, the ones that look like they could be the mums in a Cath Kidston catalogue) and those that aren't afraid to be bold and unconventional with they're style and try new things.

I really look for older women and women of size who have swagger.

i admire practically all women around me that hold themselves with confidence. that tends to be the thing i mostly pick up on, if a women holds herself tall and looks effortlessly proud and comfortable, she automatically seems admirable because in some situations that is very brave.

Of course. Those who looks elegant.

Women that have an unique style. Women that have dressed carefully even if it was cold, raining and just another day.

I tend to notice 'successful' women who hold themselves well - head up and full of confidence.

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