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2. Do you notice women on the street?

In nice dress

I sew and make jewelry, makeup and bath products. I usually notice a woman's jewelry first, then her makeup and finally her clothes. I admire women who are daring but tasteful. I don't like seeing skin. Cover your torso girls! Otherwise, you look like a tart.

YES I notice women on the street. Where do I begin? There are so many here in Chicago, especially, women trying out new fashion looks and trends. It’s so inspiring. I think the women I see on the streets, especially on campus, exude such intriguingly cool, yet new and fresh outfits—this kind of stuff subconsciously affects me. I’m a sucker for patterns, also, so when I see other women rocking more than one funky print, I’m in awe. Lately, though, I’ve been noticing more women who are utilizing simple, solid colored clothing but in really bold, contrasting ways, if that makes sense. Women in sneakers, too, they’re so cool. It’s also those women who just carry themselves and their clothing so well—I definitely think it’s because they know they look good.

I do notice women on the street. I have a tendency to notice women who I feel are my age. I usually compare my looks to them. Mainly skin. How different people age. I also notice young people who have nice skin wishing I could be young again.

The women I really notice are wearing garments and outfits that I would never think to put together but look a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Probably on the quirkier side of things. Risk takers. Confident folk. I guess you might call them fashion forward, but not in a trend sense.

All the time. I notice badly dressed, possibly overweight, unkempt women and it's only recently that I've stopped being contemptuous of them (a trait inherited from my mother and shared with my sister). I feel guilty about my past attitudes.

I also notice women who look like they've just tipped out of a lap-dancing club. It depresses me immensely that with all our progress - financial and status - women increasingly want to look like they earn their money from relying on men. Maybe the point is to be ironical, but that's only something you can pull off if you are white and middle-class and educated. And even then.....?

I admire women who look clean, comfortable and uncluttered. Stylish. Think Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.

They will look 'expensive' although it can all be done on a budget (even more admirable). They will look like they have very few clothes at home, but they are all immaculate and in the right place. Their skin will glow and their hair shine.

They have impeccable manners - not in a stilted way, but truly considerate of others.

They buy their own clothes.

foxy, stylish, fur, leather jacket, black glasses, maroon sweatshirt.

The pretty dolled up women,especially mothers looking presentable with makeup on and a really cute outfit

Do I? I do, yes I do. Simple women, healthy look women.

Yes. Women who are natural and confident, and usually with a look/style that I like.

Yes! Women who look expressive and effortless, but the kind of effortless that's genuine, not the kind that's about spending tons of time trying to look effortless. Women who take fashion risks but in a way that's subtle and not excessively "fashion-y".

I do. I notice them because I see them as inspiration. I hear myself thinking "Ah, I wish I looked as good in clothes like that" or "I wish my butt looked like that in jeans."

Yes, women who clearly have their own style, who took time to accessorize, who look unique and sophisticated at the same time.

Admire: Women who are completely comfortable. Nothing about her is forced. She is completely comfortable in herself.
Whether she is the quietly polished business woman or lady in head-to-toe animal print.

I notice them when they have an outfit put together. This could mean anything from a tailored suit with accessories and shoes, to a thrift shop over-sized sweater and clunky shoes. If it looks like each piece has a purpose, then I take notice.

The ones who are, well, dressed nicely. Put together, classy.

Yes, all the time. When I see someone who looks well dressed I try to pay attention to what they have done to get the look. Unfortunately, most of the time I see women in public and think "my God, what was she thinking to believe that flatters her!".

Yes. Women who aren't wearing any make-up/very little make-up. I think they look great outside.

I notice confident plus size women (and men!). I notice women with bold, stand out colours and unique clothing styles. I try to mentally note aspects of those folks that I admire, and often try them out myself.

I do. I tend to notice women who have a grace of motion and who are artful yet relaxed about their look and being.

I love to see women dressed up and making the most of themselves.

I also notice women that take no pride in their appearance

Yes! I notice women with well brushed hair and then make a mental note that well groomed, clean and healthy is important for all looks, so I should really brush my hair more often.

The ones with the bright, dyed hair, and the tattoos and the bold make-up. I always admire their confidence to be like "f*** it, I'm gonna have my hair and piercings and tattoos just the way I want them, I'm not gonna have other people dissuade me because they think they know my body better than I do".

i like nice styles so that s why ilike to inspire myself

women wearing vintage clothing or hippy/Goth/Punk women.

I do - generally women who are dressed either really simply and classically (I aspire to be chic, but will likely never truly pull it off), or who put together unconventional elements in an interesting way. So I suppose I notice both extreme timelessness and the very current...but not much in between.

Yes. First women in glasses. Then, women wearing clothes that aren't easy to source. Today, a woman at the farmers market had a very voluminous green raincoat on. She's the former editor in chief of a major interior design magazine. She rides horses. The raincoat is designed for riding. But if you didn't know that about her, you might think it was designed by Junya Watanabe. So ... clothing like that interests me. I am aquainted with this woman because we have bonded over our Ted Muehling earrings. I sell bread at the market, but the earrings allowed us to transcend our different social roles. That was interesting, too.

always. look at classy woman zara's inspired classy dressed.

tall skinny women, well dressed, elegant and sexy

Women whose attire and make up compliments their personality and who wear unusual clothes

women with a special style to dress that has not to be modern, but good to fit and dress them

YES!!!!! Well dressed women, women who wear colours beautifully, women who have put effort into their outfit. I try to compliment them if I can. I really appreciate it. Especially older women who have obviously got their own style and stuck to it.

who walks in a certain rhythm
who smiles
who is self confident
who shines (a certain energy flow i can't explain in words)
whose hair colour is different (like green, purple, pink)

I notice taller women (as I am not that tall). I notice women with blond hair and more the scandinavian type as I am in a way the same. I notice and admire women that are totally different than me: other colour of the skin, other structure of the hair. I mostly notice women around my age.

I notice women on the street who look like me, who also have short hair, who also have glasses. I notice women wearing clothes that I would buy if I saw them on a rack. I notice old women who wear bright colors, thick eyeliner, and fur. I notice women on the metro who effortlessly apply makeup in the morning. I notice women who look like they have their shit together. I notice women who like they have priorities more important than clothes or makeup but who have beautiful style in spite of or maybe because of that.

I always notice. I love bold fashion, and I love romantic fashion. I love the most, confidence without arrogance. I love happiness.

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