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2. Do you notice women on the street?

Women that have an unique style. Women that have dressed carefully even if it was cold, raining and just another day.

I tend to notice 'successful' women who hold themselves well - head up and full of confidence.

Ones who aren't afraid of what they look like. The quirky ones, the ones who have obviously spent a while cultivating a style that works for them. I'm envious of that confidence.

Those with an eclectic style, that shows something of their own character and decisions rather than store bought - high street or designer. I like the little quirks, how someone ties their scarf, or carries a market bag or takes something simple and makes it their own.

I admire women who are stylish but in a natural, elegant way rather than a contrived, super put together look

I notice women like me

Admire: Elegant, looking busy
notice: too much make-up, too colorful clothes, too loud, grumpy old ladies who cannot stand young women just because they're young.

All the time. I like women in white high top converse, menswear, moms in sparkly flip-flops, tweens in graphic tees, interesting fall and winter boot selections on women, and false eyelashes.

I always notice women who wear a lot of interesting colors and patterns, and women who look like they are going somewhere. Nothing is more stunning than someone who is completely focused on the task at hand in interesting clothes.

Styled, shorthaired or highhaired women. Whi have no fear to Change and Interpreten their bodies they way they want it to look. Even if it implicits long term consequences ?(tatoos)
Women that are under General termes described as "not beautiful" but have an amazing Aura and Beauty by the way they style.

The ones with really cool or different styles- tomboy or arty looks really catch my attention.

It sounds terrible, but women I often find myself noticing are women who I don't think have dressed appropriately for their shape. I have nothing against bigger women - I am one, and I prefer bigger women. But I do often find myself noticing women who would look much better if they had a slightly longer dress on or a slightly looser pair of pants. I know that it can be hard to dress and look good when you aren't stick thin, but I think there is a lot of clothing available now that looks really good on women who are larger, and so I think it's a shame when women don't wear that clothing.

I admire simple styles, monochrome, and minimalism.

Yes. Those who have good posture and walk with a purpose.

I love a woman with attitude and a kind of assertiveness in her style.

I do,a lot. I don't take too much inspiration from celebrities because they seem too fake for me. Instead, I'm a great fan of the women I see everyday on that streets that take care of themselves and create their own unique style. Sometimes even a pair of earrings can make the difference.

Yes. Women that are wearing something I would wear.

The ones who have a cute outfit on

Thick women

Always. I am highly critical (without even meaning to be) and I make snap "yes" or "no" judgments on any outfit I see. I don't judge the actual person, but I will take stock of whatever they've got going on. Silly, I know. I tend to admire women who appear to have a mission or interior world happening. They could be in jeans that fit their frame really well, and I like to imagine their joy at finding those. Or, if they're in something bolder, I mentally commend their personal choice to wear something without caring what someone on the street (like critical me) might think.

Yes, I love watching women. I notice and admire women who look put together but not haughty. I suspect haughty women are insecure and wanting to seem unapproachable. I notice them but I don't admire them, I pity them. I love older women wearing cool hats. I will compliment a woman spontaneously if I think she looks sensational. A women loves it when an attractive woman comments on her appearance admiringly. I love giving this little gift to another woman. I love women.

I notice women who have an effortless style or attitude. I notice women who are able to hold a lot of bags and read a book while riding the subway, and not look out of breath.

Yes, I notice them...not in a stalkerish way, but I tent to watch what they're wearing, and their attitude.

Women with a great style and confident about themselves are the ones I admire the most, no matter if they're tall or short, fat or skinny.

I notice women that are dressed like trash, I feel sorry for them. I admire women that dress in a way that suits them (might not be my style, but it's clearly their style).

i notice the women, often younger women, who are look like they are just following what young women are "supposed" to be wearing. like every girl has the same olive parka with a dipped hem in back and the same black and red plaid shirt. they usually look polished and put together, but so un-original that it is a huge turn-off.

i get excited by women who are operating based on their own style ideas or preferences, even if they don't necessarily match my aesthetic taste, i really admire women who are doing their own thing, however subtly, instead of following the masses.

I usually notice women with cool gadgets/accessories (by "cool" I mean anything involving Loki from The Avengers, cats, owls). I also notice funny tshirts and interesting hair colours.

Absolutely! I'd like to say that I notice everyone - young or old, high or low. But I definitely tend to admire the 30 & 40 year old women of the Upper East Side, with their polished looks and amazing style.

I do. I pay compliments to strangers and I love tall, voluptuous, dark-oriental ladies.

- attractive/pretty women
- intricate hairstyles
- cute outfits

I do and, generally, I take note of women who exhibit self-assurance and bravery in both attitude and appearance. I admire women who dress originally and wear creative combinations of clothing; I admire women who are distinct.

I always notice well dressed and organized women on the street. I always admire their clothes and or makeup/hair.

yes, and i notice women that have a good sense of style

I don't know if i notice, probably but i never reflected on that.

Yes, I notice women with style but probably take more notice of a man will style because they are rarer.

I admire strong women. Women who are confident. Women who hold their heads high and do not care about trends. Older women have a quality about them that us 20 somethings do not yet posess.

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