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2. Do you notice women on the street?

My eyes tend to gravitate toward fashion I would like to wear myself. This typically is on the edgier, darker side, but can also include bold and colorful looks. I love it when women wear clothing that others might think are “too dark” or “too bright”, “too revealing” or “too noticeable”. Outfits that say “IDGAF what you think, I’m wearing this for ME”. That is powerful. I try to emulate these women when dressing myself.

Yes, I tend to admire their outfits and the way they carry themselves. The woman that I admire is who has a genuine smile and a GOOD outfit on.

Interesting details in their clothing/jewellery.
Great hair
Happy smile, or absorbed in their own world.

4381 Rettig Avenue

No. I notice transfemmes. I admire risk and melodrama and playfulness.

Always. I admire women who look effortlessly "put together." I can tell they are intentional about their style because what they are wearing fits their body well and there are unique elements, but they don't look like they tried hard to be trendy or expensive; an effortless-looking cool.

Oh yes. I always notice women who look put together...take care of themselves and look glam AF in whatever they're wearing. I love nails, so it's always something I notice on other women. Always checking out their heels and hairstyles too. I am always looking for new inspiration and ideas. I know this is silly but whenever I see a woman completely on point I usually sneak a peak at her chest too...only because I am self-conscious of mine and want them done. So I get a bit competitive lol.

..pulled together outfit..made for females..hate oxford shirts

not this year (pandemic)

I tend to notice most people as I really enjoy seeing how people present themselves, which is sometimes full of confidence or just full on chaos. I love seeing different styles.

I do notice women on the street. I admire the ones who appear happy and confident. I admire women who dress in bright fun colors and pattern and who look confident in them. They don’t appear to care what others think. I admire that

wearing gym clothes jogging with their dog

I notice well dressed, elegant or daring women, who do not follow trends but have a clear clothing style, or even reject styles. Women who are radical towards fashion, who don't follow rules, they are very empowering(wearing clothes that are surprising matches). I also notice traditionally dressed women, I admire them for their (self-)control, not having to express anything that goes on in their lives, just relying on the beauty standards of that culture, that is also very respectable.

yes, beautiful hair, unique and harmonious dressing

they seem to be gentle and helpful, nice characters

Women who are quirky and confident in themselves I always notice, but it isn't an every day thing. I am drawn to women who seem very appealing, but who seem dressed to be appealing to themselves first or foremost. It could be structural business wear, or a leather jacket and worn jeans. I like a little bit of sexiness, and a lot of confidence. And I always notice a well worm red lip.

I notice people that stand out from the crowd. Smartly & understatedly dressed.

yeah, femme girls with an edge

Some with long coats, sunglasses, or vibrant colors that are coordinated well. It also looks nice when their hair, nails, and clothes match.

Yes I do
I notice women who have a casual comfortable yet chic look
Not trendy

interesting color choices

women that look intelligent, or like they could beat someone up, or are tall. they look like they have their lives put together. they have everything in its place (i usually imagine it's not just their clothes).

When people look like they didn't just throw things together, but thought about it, at the same time not overly groomed, painted etc! I like if the style is 'out of the box' and not too common/mainstream trendy.

Sometimes. I look the most at the ones who look like their own creation and don't appear to fit any particular mould. I don't hold onto many images of people I've seen in the streets, and if I'm being honest, the majority of the time I'm not looking.

Yes, I do notice women on the streets sometimes. It's mostly because their fashion sense grasps my attention. It's like when they are wearing something which seem very fresh or trendy to me, I imagine how cool I might look too if I dressed up that way and went out on the street!
However, sometimes it's even their little details (such as the way they walk, their hair etc.) speaks to me a lot about their personality and makes me admire and want to be as free as them.

Women who smile at other people, who clearly welcome contact with others.

Tall women with short ginger hair

I admire women who seemingly take 'risks' to stand out. Women who wear oversized clothing and pull it off. I feel that if I wear anything larger than my size, I look huge. I am drawn to women who pull off streetwear.

Yes --> mostly androgynous looks and classy older ladies

I always admire women who always dressed in a good fashion,women who knows how to feel themselves

Normally women wearing high-class clothing like suits or dresses.

Not really

I stare at everyone.
I'm envious of the tidy women who can wear white.
I feel empathetic toward women who look uncomfortable or unhappy in their clothing.
I have feelings of awe toward women with particularly elegant style, especially if they're capable of making a simple outfit shine.

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