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2. Do you notice women on the street?

As a person attracted to women, I tend to notice women who are masculine of center, but style-wise, I tend to notice body art first, and pretty much any sort of alternative fashion will also catch my eye.

I like or admire a woman who walks with confidence and is well dressed, in something that sort of blends in nicely with the environment. I like see people dressed in well put together outfits that look comfortable or natural.

I admire women, men, and any other person who looks “put together.” It doesn't mean they are the mainstream ideal of beauty but rather they look confident and happy in who they are and what they are wearing.

Women in their heads.

I notice and admire anyone on the street who says or replies hello.

I often notice women on the street (more so than men) and I'm easily attracted by unique styles, unusual lines and striking colours. I admire seeing older women dressed stylishly as well or with grey hair or hair dyed a bright colour.

I admire women who can be sexual in their dress without seeming like they are compromising themselves for the gaze of the other. Like a woman in a pant suit and heels with a revealing top? I couldn’t do that. I like women who own the way they dress.

I notice women who are dressed expensively. I wonder how they can afford their clothes and admire this.

Yes. I’ve always noticed women, I think, or maybe that’s hindsight talking. I always look at women with short hair. I love short-haired women; I admire them and date them and sometimes want to be them, but I’ve never had the courage to cut my own hair. I also notice older women that look fabulous, and make mental notes on how to do the same when my time comes.

I'm an equal opportunity ogler, so to speak, so some of my noticing women is based from that. Sometimes I notice a great pair of shoes, or if they are wearing a t-shirt that indicates a similar interest, or if they are wearing anything unusual and totally rocking it.

Yes! Women in Los Angeles are so beautiful and stylish. I notice them all.

Of course I notice women on the street. The gamine look, slightly tomboy, wearing shoes that I can't wear because I need tedious arch support and a large toe box.. A woman who appears to be paying attention to her surroundings, head up, not locked in thoughts or frowning or hunched over. All ages.

I am actually a really unobservant person when I am walking around on the street.

If a woman looks naturally flawless, I’ll notice – I think especially if she has great skin/complexion. Also, I have big breasts that I have always been self­-conscious about, so I notice if other women do – I look at how other women handle that.

I always fall for the gamines--the Audrey Hepburns. Maybe it’s because they’ve got something very different than what I’ve got. I’ve tried to imitate their style—my pixie cut turned into a bowl cut, and I felt like a gym teacher. Their complete lack of body fat concerns me. I don’t like that I envy that, but I will admit that I sometimes do.

women with original, interesting or wild style.

Yes! Confident women can evoke a head turn and a "wow". To clarify - the "wow" is not about body shape or size - its about how you wear what you feel like wearing.

I think it has to do with harmony. When the way someone looks is in harmony with who they are, they do not try to be someone else.

Of course, and always! For the most part, I notice/admire women that have a sense of style that I'd like to emulate, or are wearing items I covet. But I have also been known to admire/notice women who are simply put together well, or are working it. You can tell by the confidence level.

Women who wear lots of colour. I tend to keep the colour in my accessories or my make-up. I also like women who are referencing something in their clothes but not pointing directly at it.

I really admire other women who have a very person sense of style and it makes sense for them especially if it is not what you normally think of as being appropriate for their age group.

I notice women who wear typical sexy costumes (high heels, tight dresses/ skirts, long hair). I notice women who walk like they own the street. I tend to notice women who are -- I guess -- dressed to attract male attention.

The tan, perfectly slim women in the South of France. Their skin is leathery, their eyes are bright, their toes are painted, their summer sandals are perfect and they are purposeful but relaxed.

I notice women a lot on the street. I notice them if they look comfortable in themselves, if they look confident, if they look awkward, if their clothes are distinctive, if their clothes clash in a way that interests me or looks purposeful, if they've spent a long time grooming or next to no time, if their clothes are clothes that I would wear or might aspire to wearing. I think it used to be an overwhelming feeling of envy that I would get if I saw these women, whereas now I admire and think about what I could emulate, or I simply just want to be their friend like crazy.

Yes, all the time. I admire powerful women whose clothing looks deliberate and practical but well fashioned. I spend too much time criticizing women based on their style choices.

I often try to imagine people buying the clothes their wearing, especially if it's something particularly striking. Sometimes it's very hard! I just can't imagine them flipping through a rack and picking out the particular item they're wearing.

I admire beauty. Also crazy awesome outfits. I like to talk to strangers about their clothes. I ALWAYS tell strangers if they have lipstick on their teeth, or a dry cleaning tag on, or a kick pleat still sewn together.

I'm ashamed to admit that I give fashion advice to strangers in my head on the subway. Like I'll be thinking, "That shirt is cool, but I wish you'd worn your relaxed jeans instead of the super tight ones." Like I know!

I’m more likely to notice women with whom I identify (in age or style/visible taste). I notice women who surprise me, and who seem to value their presentation or want to be noticed.

Also, my mother is half-Japanese. So—strange or voyeuristic as it sounds—I’m quicker to notice half-Asian women. Maybe the curiosity stems from familiarity. Maybe it's competitive.

Of course I notice women on the street. Women are unmissable.

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