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11. Is there any fashion trend you’ve refused to participate in and why?

I can't stand hipster styles and try to avoid them at all costs. I just think it just looks so put on and most of the time the choices hipsters make fashion-wise are just atrocious. I want to run around and pull down girl's shorts and pants to reveal their belly buttons because I can't stand the granny-over-the-belly-button-pants-trend. I can't stand all the floopy lines, lace, 80s-glasses or loafers without socks. Gah.

Almost all of them. I don’t do onesies/jumpers. Isn’t that why we graduated from preschool?

I am not so much about the jeggings. And I don't wear neon/lime green.

Back in the day: hot pants with patch pockets. I'm proud to say.
Boot cut pants ( I like one line all the way down)
Pointy toe shoes or high heels (my feet can't)

Any that I don't think look good, whether that is just for me/my body type specifically, or in general. I'm not a huge fan of crop tops or leggings as pants, for example. I also don't buy into trends for the sake of looking fashionable. I see that as a waste of time.

Having grown up in the epicenter of Hippie, Birkenstocks do not amuse me. They strongly represent anti-fashion, which is probably why they're popular. Still at the very sight of them I have patchouli flashbacks.

norm-core. It looks silly and overtly self conscious on a woman. Those kinds of trends are for girls up to age 23, not women.

too high heels - I am 5'10" and would look like a transvestite in them.

God if I pass on a fashion trend its probably because its not right for my body. That being said, I've never been into logos or the gym clothes in public look.

Anything that I know won't look good on me/my body type, and I also follow the "if you did it the first time around, you are excluded when it comes back" rule (see: overalls, grunge, etc.) Flatforms, Birkenstocks and other trends I consider "fashion be damned," when I just consider them ugly. Love yourself more than to ever put Birkenstocks on your feet, even if the cool blog girls are wearing them (wow, it's back to high school!). Boho/hippie style, because as a curvy girl, the loose fit just makes me look fat and/or pregnant.

Preppy. Too connected to a social class.

Every time I notice a trend I try to avoid it for as long as I can. Sometimes I give in almost subconsciously (like it rubs off on me). I will never wear UGGs. Or blouses with birds on them.

There are many. I don't like platform sneakers, or floral pants. I hate pants that say things on the bum.

Please make this weird lumberjack / industrialist / Kinfolk heritage-chic thing go away. It's the worst kind of whitewashing.

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