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11. Is there any fashion trend you’ve refused to participate in and why?

the new stomach-free stuff. My stomach is not made for it. yet. and never to work because of to much skin. and maybe i am to old/responsible...

Harem pants are too floaty for my fitted and vintage look. I never bought into statement necklaces to go with cocktail dresses, though I'm open to it. My hair is too short for the mini bun atop the head. I can't do dainty gold jewelry. I lose them and feel it throws off the cohesion of the makeup and color choices I like. Dainty is hard for me. I prefer bold, purposeful looks.

Leggings. I really dont get it.

The whole felt craze, and having a choker attached to your dress. I hate the way it looks on me.

Ugg Boots.

And the leisure wear trend. There has been a recent trend in New Zealand (and it's still ongoing) for people to live in leisure wear - all of it branded and most often colour coordinated; people will wear a pink cap with pink Nike runners and throw on a pink lipstick on the basis that that'll make going out for brunch in what's essentially exercise gear more acceptable. To be honest it's a trend I can't understand. To me you wear exercise gear when you're exercising or doing something that doesn't warrant wearing flash clothes. You don't generally look that good in exercise gear, so I can't understand why people wear it out but then spend lots of money or colour coordinate or add lipstick in an attempt to try and make the exercise gear look better!

Leather pants... I just don't like them.

Yes a lot of women are not wearing pantyhose anymore. My legs don't look good without pantyhose

So many... I hate to look like I got influenced by magazines or trends.

Body-con dresses. 70's high-waist flares. Flatforms. Platform heels. Baby-doll dresses. 80s' shoulders. So many!

I don't like things that strike me as cartoon-y and I don't like extreme silhouettes. I'm drawn to shapes that endure and always look good.

A few years ago people used to wear military patterns with neon colours... It was an awful combination in my opinion.

Anything that involves buying some "ethnic" fashion at Urban Outfitters because even if the cultural appropriation line is somewhat blurry it seems pretty obvious that it's shitty for a large corporation to make money off of the culture of any marginalized group.

Prep because most of them act very stuck up

- Chokers, right now. I think they were trashy in the 90s, and they are trashy now.

- Culottes, because my shape couldn't be more wrong for them.

- Black nails. I think they're scary and cheap-looking.

- Flared pants. See 'culottes'

- Tiny body con dresses. These do not flatter anyone!!!

High heels, more than anything. I think they look sensational on other women, but I can't do them. My lifestyle involves a lot of walking so I have adapted my look to always look cool with sneakers, no matter what I have on. That said, I don't wear skirts often either, even though my legs are one of my favorite features.

Peplum tops, very long skirts, gradient-dyed hair. I'm not that adventurous in my exploration of trends.

Oh, yes!
Everything related to the Kardashian's, dark lipstick, pencil leather skirts, skimpy lace tops etc...

Many of them. I don't like trends in general (although I do like skinny jeans) (and although I'm aware you can't really escape them), I prefer timeless things. I would never wear uggs, leggings, crop tops, etc. I think it's ugly and stupid and it's not even comfortable.

Hahaha, all of them, because trends are uninteresting and tedious.

I'm up to date only with accessories, I opted out of following the other fashion trends because hey're created for thin girls

Crop tops - I look terrible in them.
Highly distressed denim - why would you pay so much money for so little denim?
Gaucho, gazebo, or any wide-leg pants - they remind me of pirate pants, and also, very unflattering on me.
There are certainly plenty more, but these came to my mind immediately.

Lots! I don't believe in fashion trends. And those stupid skinny pants that are cut so low.

Winged eyeliner- it just looks silly to me.

I don’t follow trends closely, but trends I’ve seen that I am most averse to are: faux-leather/ leather bomber or motorcycle jackets or faux-leather/leather anything; really, anything faux-fur/fur; distressed and/or destroyed denim; short denim shorts with the pockets showing; anything animal print; sportswear as day and/or evening wear; Victoria’s Secret PINK clothing as day and/or evening wear; all hats; and UGGs and crocks. These trends are neither flattering nor pleasing to the (my) eye and I believe we can all do better. I’m sure there are more that trends that I am unfamiliar with that I would also refuse to follow.

Any, because i'm against this society of mass consumption where consuming is more important than reflecting on what we really needs, so i'm also not so interested in fashion because i tends to prioritize comfort over image.

I don’t really follow any fashion trends. I have my own established style and if something from a ‘trend’ fits with it I’d buy it but I certainly wouldn’t follow trends or try to be ‘fashionable’.

Culottes, because they are not flattering.
I only pick the ones that suit me. E.g menswear inspired clothes, wearing your coat on your shoulders, tuxedo styling, military as inspiration.

There are many. The sneakers with a heel that were popular a few years ago... Flared jeans that have come back in... Generally if I refuse to participate in a trend it is because I don't think it looks good and because I don't want to look like everyone else.

Yes I do. I just don't like being part of the crowd. I just like being the trendsetter not the trend follower

Ponchos, just vile, only good on tall women

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