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18. Please describe your emotions.

Down a lot but always trying! Fits of joy!

I am not my emotions.
But I enjoy the taste and textures of them.
You can choose your attachments.
Only love and frustration have overwhelmed me.

Usually stable, but when not - overwhelmingly strong.

I am fairly mellow until the weekends which can be crazy just because of where I live and my social circle.

Compassionate..emotions fit the situation..hold some frustrations inside

Unsure. Anxiety has been at the forefront, but I can't say it's all consuming.

Anxious. Happy. Guilt. Shame.

outgoing but too talkative.

Hidden. Takes much time and effort to liberate myself from fears and expectations. I can be fearful if angry or passionate.

quick changer, positive

I think I am rather rational then emotional


Hyper and always ready to learn more.

Up and down

All over the place, but better now. Easy to cheer up but very reactive.

i've been told i'm emotionally closed off. i'm happy sometimes and sad sometimes, but i'd be less lonely if i didn't push people away so much.

Somewhere between serious and humorous. Not a drama queen.

My emotions are very strong and I'm a sensitive person. I think with my heart more often than my head. At least I know how to reign it in and act on rationality more often than emotions though. I like that I'm far from emotionally repressed and cry easily. In my view vulnerability is true strength. Unfortunately much of the world disagrees.

My emotions fluctuate like a roller coaster ride. Haha.

I am a Pisces. I experience every conceivable human emotion -- at least for a few seconds -- every day.

I am very happy.

I am highly optimistic and generally always in a good mood. I am empathetic, so if a relationship around me is in turmoil, I really carry that with me. I try to keep everything in check and I live drama-free almost constantly. I am sensitive and love to cry watching sad movies or content on the computer. I also love laughing; it's the most important thing to me in life. To laugh and make people laugh.

In check

I'm not really sensitive so my emotions are just normal

No u.

Too many to describe

Happy and sad

Filtered and softened by years of therapy.

Generally stable, prone to melancholy. Holds grudges. When angry it takes me a while to cool down.

Often I feel sad, Maybe it is because my mom died. I had severe phases of OCD. I consider myself 95 % to 98 % free of Symptoms which means I can do most Things without being impeded by my compulsions Sometimes they are coming back a Little bit. I am often Angry, mostly at my Father. I love my Family, my son and my wife. I am very lucky that they came into my life.

they're as versatile as my wardrobe.

Mostly confused

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