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18. Please describe your emotions.

My emotions are like nectar freezing and melting. Nectar with chunks and petals and leaves.

Really depending on First reactions. Start to laugh or crY or feel Hurt or glad. Meanwhile i know Not to rely on this uniquely.

For the most part I am a happy person. But I can be easily agitated and I don't always have much patience. I am cynical and often quite negative, but I try to be philosophical. I am the kind of person who is in a good mood when I have something to look forward to.

Almost always positive, but we all have our off days once in awhile.


Powerful, but under control. I feel strongly about things but I don't impose them on others or express them readily without thinking about the consequences of doing so.

It's a really difficult question...well, I'm a pretty positive person so I'm usually cheerful and happy. I sometimes feel a bit scared of the future but that's because I'm in my last years of university so the "real life is near" and after a few minutes of fear I feel really excited thinking about all the grat things that will happen in the next few months.

My emotions are annoying sometimes, like today when someone I had to call for work was rude and so five hours later, 20 minutes ago, I was crying about it. Mostly I love my emotions though. Even my anxiety means that I'm not depressed. It's when I feel nothing that things are truly not good.


I am a VERY emotional person. In fact, I once had a therapist say that "it was a miracle I don't have borderline personality disorder" -- so that's cool. When I brought that up to the people closest to me, they all concurred that I have all the feels, but that I recognize all of them and can usually make sense of where they're coming from. I am quick to anger, but very comfortable in a sincere apology. I think that my endless capacity for empathy is both a blessing and a curse -- I can help people feel that I am truly listening to them, but when I'm not careful, can become a sponge for other people's problems. I am very loving and fiercely loyal. I cry in movies and laugh easily.

I feel things deeply and then move on. I am an optimist.

Right now I feel tense, excited and nervous, because I've just started a new job.
Challenging, but very demanding.

My emotions are not as intense as in most woman I figured. I'm sensitive, but not emotional.

I have a rich intra-personal life.

I'm very sad right now

Again, friends say that I am level-headed, but if someone even thinks about yelling at me, I will burst into tears. I am terrible in that regard when it comes to authority. Sometimes, I don't even mean to cry, and the tears just flow. As for happiness, I honestly can't tell you the last time I was truly happy, which kinda sucks, but I'm working on that. I can pretty angry or agitated at very minute things (especially while behind the wheel...oops).

Serene, mostly.

These questions are very vague.
I get anxious a lot, but am very motivated to improve myself. If I make a vow to do something I will stick to it.

Inwardly, I am discontent, extreme, intense, occasionally irrational, passionate, overanxious, and uneven. Outwardly, I am argumentative, balanced, controlled, diplomatic, empathic, frustrated, and stoic. Overall, I’m introverted, intuitive, and introspective. I cry when I’m angry and when I am deeply moved. I experience the full range of emotions--I let myself lean into them

happy, sweet, innocent

I had emotions of a little frail girl. Or a hurricane. Depends the emotions, still in the process of finding peace and balance.

Variable. Erratic. Strong. Passionate.

I am finally feeling them. After years of being in a depression coma, i finally feel, communicate and accept them. My emotions are stable at the moment.

I care a lot about the things that interest me and the people close to me. Sometimes I can care too much. I feel strong emotion about everything - never do anything by halves.

I'm sensitive but try to be strong whenever I can

Today happy peaceful

My emotions are like an epic rollercoaster. They go through several loops and tunnels and water features. There is never ending thoughts feeding my emotions. Not even when I dream do they stop.

By nature very intense, but after a lot of work they've become pretty mild and steady.

Usually I am pretty emotional, and my emotions are strong.

I am a very emotional person. I laugh and cry easily. I get lonely and depressed easily. I have low self esteem.

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