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18. Please describe your emotions.

Generally stable, prone to melancholy. Holds grudges. When angry it takes me a while to cool down.

Often I feel sad, Maybe it is because my mom died. I had severe phases of OCD. I consider myself 95 % to 98 % free of Symptoms which means I can do most Things without being impeded by my compulsions Sometimes they are coming back a Little bit. I am often Angry, mostly at my Father. I love my Family, my son and my wife. I am very lucky that they came into my life.

they're as versatile as my wardrobe.

Mostly confused

politically-dont get me started angry
scared for mother earth
anxious, love my dog more than people
need challenges

depends when I'm on my period or not

Obsessive, influenced by many things, capable of being very purely positive or negative.

My emotions are very strong, both when it involves my Family but also when kids and animals are threated badly.

Out of control.

I get overwhelmed and anxious about organising myself. I always stay calm on the outside because I don't express my emotions easily to others.

Deep. I am a very deep feeler and it seems I am what they call an empath. Sometimes this is challenging and sometimes I don't want to feel anything at all. I try to have them working and in order, I value emotional intelligence, probably because my emotions can be such a mess. But at the end of the day I am thankful for them. To feel is to be alive right?

My emotions can be fragile but they come out strong.

Quite potent. When I love someone it’s a hell of a love. I have trouble hating anyone unless they wrong my friends. I can forgive them for what they do to me.

I don't wanna get old

Hourglass with a hole on top, the sand flowing uncontrollably.

See above.

I am a very emotional person. I tend to have feelings that mirror the situation around me. I have depression, so I sometimes feel crushing sadness or anger in situations that shouldn't warrant the kind of reaction I have. I find happiness in a few things, but when I do, it is very intense happiness. I love deeply and feel strongly.

Complicated, and unnecessarily so. Frequently anxious, and frequently trying to hide it from the universe. Despite my natural stress, there is nothing I love more than to laugh and be happy, and to share that with others.

I have suppressed emotions- I feel a lot but show only a little. I would like to show more but it makes me feel vulnerable which is uncomfortable

They're practically nonexistent. I'm an Aquarius.


I feel optimistic about life.

Some say I'm a pessimist, but I refer to my self as a realist. I'm definitely not an optimist. I have no difficulty expressing my feelings. I am blunt and have no concern for other's reaction to my words should they inquire as to my beliefs or opinions on a subject. I opt for a simple lifestyle where I am content as I believe "happiness" comes in a few spectacular, but achievement-related events. I'm into LET IT BE & MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Great at this time.

I'm happy.

i'm working on it.

Fairly private - if I ever talk to you about my emotions then you know you're someone I hold dear as it doesn't happen very often.


i don't really understand other peoples emotions (that or i don't care about them). i am very honest and i get frustrated easily.


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