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18. Please describe your emotions.

My emotions have a flair for the dramatic.

high and low. very passionate and loving and also prone to suicidal depressions since youth.

caring & present

I come from a family of criers. I will cry at weddings, but I also cried at the series finale of What Not To Wear, so there’s that.

Not Bad

I wish I was in better control of them, but I’m learning.

I'm in a constant state of longing.

Contained. I try to present a calm and collected presence to the world, but I'm very sensitive. I'm not calm and collected on the inside.

Enthusiastically expressed.

I'm a crier and unashamed of it. I cry at silly things all the time. It's very refreshing.

Big big big. But I’d consider myself emotionally intelligent: I have a good awareness of how I’m feeling at any given time. I’m fascinated by emotions (mine and others) and love investigating them. Therapy is actually one of my favorite times of the week, because of that.

When I said "my wild feelings" that's a good way to do it. I feel this acutely and am a bit of a melancholic, in that I reflect often upon death and sadness, and what life means, sometimes inspired by unlikely everyday details. Then sometimes I wish I wasn't this way, as it really does get in the way.

Again, you with the crazy questions! I feel great when I’m ovulating, super sexy and attractive, and then want to go all Medea on the day before I bleed. I have a great life even with myNone of your beeswax. issues. I tell my kids, “Mommy is crazy in a good way.”

I’m very sensitive, for better or worse. I take pleasure in listening to and advising my friends, but feel guilty leaning too heavily on them when I'm blue. I’m happiest one-on-one or in a small, close group. I’m prone to funks and self-doubt. I’m most comfortable relating to my surroundings on an emotional level. Sometimes, I wonder if this is something I should have outgrown.

So much (too much?) passion.

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