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18. Please describe your emotions.

Today happy peaceful

My emotions are like an epic rollercoaster. They go through several loops and tunnels and water features. There is never ending thoughts feeding my emotions. Not even when I dream do they stop.

By nature very intense, but after a lot of work they've become pretty mild and steady.

Usually I am pretty emotional, and my emotions are strong.

I am a very emotional person. I laugh and cry easily. I get lonely and depressed easily. I have low self esteem.

ups and downs

Very sensitive

I love easily and adore my family. I miss being close to my children and grandchildren. I am tolerant of most people although I feel political correctness has gotten out of hand and young people are too sensitive. Children should not be coddled, it will only hurt them as adults.

Too many and sometimes uncontrollable. Sometimes I give in and let my emotions torture me, sometimes I really kill myself over the dumbest things and think up scenarios in my head that never happen...which always ends in disappointment. During one of my first visits home upon moving to Chicago for school, I remember crying on my bed next to my mom my last night there. I was crying over the fact that I felt so bad and guilty that I was missing so many things that my family was doing/things happening in their lives, and my mom was stroking my hair trying to calm me down. She told me I was an intense girl, and that is the truth. I don’t think a lot of people who know me realize that because I manage my inner feelings pretty well when it comes to what the outside world knows. But when I’m alone, I get really deep and intense in my head and my heart. I savor the moments I have to myself, by myself, with myself. I always know when I need alone time. I want the external world and those I love to know I am a constant source of positivity and optimism. That’s how I am all the time, I don’t care if you think I’m “too animated” or have too much energy. Do you realize that I gotta be like this for everyone else to get pumped up about living their lives and being happy and being themselves to their fullest extent?

Very happy, upbeat person. Grateful for everything I have.

Complicated. And that's okay.
Having recently cottoned on to emotional intelligence, I'm WAY more emotionally driven and I'm really proud of that (especially because I was a bit robotic and unfeeling previously - I was all about efficiency).
Having let my emotions out and about I sometimes wish they weren't as extreme as they can be (mainly when I'm upset, I wish I didn't cry when I'm threatened at work!)

It's a difficult time for me with my family. My father has died after a very long and debilitating illness and my relationships with my sister and my mother (who are very close to each other) have disintegrated completely and violently. I keep them out of my life now.

It's quite devastating - this situation and grief for my father colours my emotions.

My relationship happiness is through my husband and his family and a few close friends.

when sad I usally hold somthing fluffy and eat ice cream and watch tv. When happy wear somthing special.

Cluttered lol

Intense, changeable.

Moody, sensitive, rational when needed, calming to others, headstrong, somewhat impulsive, caring

I feel things DEEPLY. I am emotional porous as hell. Things just sink in a lot and take over me. Little things make me happy or bring me down. Every moment feels all-encompassing, like it's the only thing I've ever felt and ever will ever. I feel a lot of gratitude.

ups & downs...

I keep them to myself for the most part, will go through a whole emotional cycle before sharing them. I examine them to understand why and how. I try not to blame other people for them. So I appear very calm on the outside.

mostly bright yellow.
sometimes pale blue.
sometimes dark blue.
sometimes red.

Default is joy, gratitude and happiness. It's a bit of a roller-coaster with the ongoing endeavor of graduate school, but more often than not, positivity is there.

I'm pretty quiet & I don't share a lot... overall, I'd say I'm pretty stable, but I've definitely hit some rough spots here and there.

Reserved, calm, easy going

That's difficult to do.

I get frustrated when forced into a box. I can run hot under the collar, I can be very introverted at times. I feel my best in the mornings when the sun is out. Darkness brings me down.


Sensitive, caring but practical

My emotions are my experiences, every emotion is a memory for my memoirs. Even if nothing outwardly interesting happens in my life, I will write a memoir.

really annoying sometimes. tend to ignore the ones like fear and sadness, tend to enjoy the ones like happiness alone. there is not much of a link from my emotions to my face.
my 'finding even the smallest thing hilarious' emotion, if by far the strongest. I tend to let that one show.

feel good the most of the time and from time to time questionning about myself

prone to mood swings and anxiety and depression but also can get very hyper and happy ( a bit Bi polar)

Somewhat prone to panic/anxiety spirals regarding creative work and deadlines, but generally, fairly even-keeled. Keep things under control with structure and exercise, usually able to maintain healthy perspectives on things, and have a fairly optimistic and sunny outlook. But when I get sad...look out. Takes forever to bounce back.

Take up too much time, sometimes.

practical, loyal, good friend, consistent, disciplinated

I am a very sensitive person, but also joyful and smilie, but I get stressed a lot

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