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18. Please describe your emotions.


Unapologetic, locked-up, numerous.

day by day I try to be more emotional and sensitive and show people I love that I love them trying not to hide my feelings and making an effort to be happier every day

a storm

There´s always a big fight taking place inside of my heart.

Very deep - but since I was a child I try to keep them underneath. Not always helpful.

Unable to do so.

Im an introvert person, i keep my emotion for myself but they are like a rollercoaster besides the fact that im afraid of rollercoasters, most of the time there is nostalgia, i love my memories and melancholy

I laugh all the time, but I consider myself an introvert, very melancholic when I was a teenager

Nervous or quiet.

Nowadays, I'm feeling good. Not so much with my body, but with myself as a person.

Intense, passionate, very strong, very alive,...

Intensives and reflexives

I tend to lean on the more anxious and negative side of things. I struggle with depression, self-doubt, and judgement. I have very strong emotions sometimes. However, looking at the "big picture" in my mind helps me tremendously. It helps me have more empathy, brings calmness, and allows me to hear my voice.


I live as compassionately as possible w/an open heart.

Pretty calm, easy going, and accomodating. I cry easier the older I get. I'm easily content, mostly happy. But I'm a worry-wart, always have been, and imagine all sorts of catastrophes happening and then I get all stressed out.

I often find myself getting very emotional when watching films or TV. I think I wear my heart on my sleeve a bit as if I am feeling something I often need to tell someone and talk about it. However I would not describe myself as a deeply passionate person with emotions, I am mostly content and happy and often find that sadness can be dealt with. I probably try to remain quite level headed about my emotions and dislike staying down for too long.

strong and intense

Erratic, intense, fleeting. I am very physically open but orally reserved.

Tending towards the intense. I have trouble dealing with the intensity, so I seek balance and try to steer a middle course. Sadness, despair and self-hatred tend to be stronger than joy and happiness, and can be difficult to resist. Sometimes the mind can be rallied to help, sometimes it's been bowled over by the tsunami and is simply gasping for air.

They're always written allover my face.

They're always written allover my face.

I'm moody and I don't know how to hide my emotions. I'm stubborn and sensitive and I don't know how to hold a grudge. I get mad but I get over it right away. I hate drama so I avoid people who are confrontational, uptight, and self centered. I'm easy going and love to laugh.

Passionate, balanced, compassionate, though tending toward introspection and loneliness.

My emotions are calm for the most part. I do find with age I am likely to be weepy when I am touched by something or someone. As a 20-30 year old, my emotions were much more volatile and tended to erupt at odd times.

I am bi polar, so this is a loaded question; I am emotional, sometimes chaotic.

Mostly calm, a bit too sad.

I'm very emotional. I like a good cry. Probably tend to me more of a soft smiler than a loud laugher. My emotions are fairly calm and even most of the time. I suppose by this point in my life I've learned how to find contentment. For that I'm grateful.


I have a lot less feelings than I used to have--they have died off over the years. This is probably a good thing, all things considering. I don't think I'm capable of falling in love any more and generally feel emotionally drained (my job sucks me dry). I don't have much to emotionally give at this point.

Calm, but I can get really angry.

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