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20. In what way is this stuff important, if at all?

In a way, it is important, most specifically to us, because it defines how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen. In a way, it isn't important because our worth doesn't come from the way we look or present.

I think it is sort of the basic challenge of your day…not that it defines your day, but in the morning, your first to-do item is typically getting dressed, and as such, if you have a wardrobe that is elegant, easy or fits your needs and makes you feel comfortable then you can proceed with the rest of your day and move forward with other things...

There is a looooooooong list of things that are more important than this stuff, but those of us with the sense of sight are visual creatures. The way we see and are seen is hugely important and evocative, for better or worse.

It's important if we make it important (just as anything is). We get to decide. It's important to me because I find it interesting as an art form and for me it is just one part of my self-expression.

I mean it happens every day. I think things that happen every day become important just through their cumulative effects.

It is only as important as you make it.

Clothes overall, or what I'm wearing today, overall? I don't know if I find my clothes anywhere near as important as find other things, but what's important about what I'm wearing right now is that I am not in my pajamas. That means I was able to get out and do something today, and I can't say that every day.

Most everybody wears clothes. Talking about how and why and in what ways we all do something sounds important to me.

We present ourselves whenever we step out. Mood is reflected via clothing and posture and facial expression. People respond to us according to these elements. We invite them in or we push them away. We feel attractive or low. We've taken a little extra care or can't be bothered. We intuit these messages from each other and 'read' them, effortlessly.

It was never important to me, but it is now to the extent that I believe in the freedom of choice. It troubles me how much women are restricted in how they are allowed to present themselves. And, it really bothers me how clothing choices can become an "excuse" for rape, etc. I don't believe in that at all.

It is not important in the "grand scheme", but privately it is the first visual statement of who one is to oneself and how one wants to be perceived. We send signals to each other by these choices. It's also how we as women, show care for ourselves, how we groom ourselves, or don't. It can serve as an armor when we need it and it can serve to draw us to our new best friend.

Clothing is how we adorn our bodies and give our bodies a voice or personality. Its our inward expression outward. dress how you feel / feel how you dress - i'd say that's pretty important for emotional wellbeing.

I think presenting yourself (or choosing not to care) makes a statement either way. Regardless of what anyone chooses to believe, you do make an impression (good or bad) with what you are wearing.

It's a piece of the puzzle bb.

People look at you and judge you by what you are wearing. And by judge I simply mean they decide you are someone they feel compatible with or interested in or even repulsed. It may seem superficial but that's only to people who don't know what their style is and are in denial about human nature. Our brains are making millions of assessments every day which is one of the reasons homo sapiens survived over animals that are much better predators. Besides, I think it's fun to dress up and people who don't are missing out on an enjoyable part of life.

I think it’s important to at least try to analyze why we do the things we do, to understand the hidden cultural and political messages that inform these decisions and what we communicate through them.

Stuff isn't important, but expression is.

And then there's the fact that life inevitably requires some stuff. Our bodies need to be covered. Underwear is helpful. A wallet comes in handy. As does a travel bag. What covers our bodies, what underwear we wear, what wallet we carry and what travel bag we use are all decisions that express who we are and what we do. Maybe we choose to make all of said things ourselves. Maybe we only buy what's Made in the USA. Maybe we buy everything at Barney's. Or online at Net-A-Porter.

The decisions we make about the things that life requires are important. Those decisions shape our world.

I'm wearing my comfortable clothes right now. They're practical but of little significance o me. It's also the end of the evening so I haven't put much thought into the way I look. My glasses are important because I can't see without them.

I’m on a real “20-something” quest right now, of coming into myself, and coming into my body. It’s very important for my to have the courage to bring my whole self to…this life, I guess- which includes the emotional, intellectual, and physical parts of me. In that way, the clothes I wear are really important- but more in terms of how they make me feel, and if they bring me “into myself” and less in terms of whether or not they’re “in” right now.

Whatever you wear you make a choice, and that choice reflects something of who you are.

It's completely totally important. Not like world peace or the environment, but it's a way of expression of an inner life for some people. Not all, but some.

For some it is their art, their creativity.

Pat Olesko makes wearable political art.

I do sometimes realize, wow, this shit is nothing.

But fashion really can be an artistic expression, and it can be a shorthand for something- like the records in that movie where John Cusack makes those lists and its based on that Nick Hornby novel.

It's a shorthand for- who do you want to be, how do you present yourself- like the ickiest kind of of branding. One person will mock someone who wears all Gucci labels, but it's the same as knowing Suno, Acne, APC, or Tsumori Chisato. (These references already seem dated from when I filled out this survey last summer!) You identify your tribe. Or not- see "normcore" and coziness.

There is an unending cost/benefit analysis of belonging to a tribe, or not.

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