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20. In what way is this stuff important, if at all?

To me, clothes, style and a certain elegance in dressing, thinking and speaking is essential.

I have no idea.

It’s a form of self-expression and communication; it’s like a language.

its important to me because i want to look my best and feel my best.

Unfortunately it's important because as i'm a lazy person to dress up and style, some people are lazy to read beyond the look of a person and tend to judge the people only from the way they look.
Also, the majority of people are socially shy, and the real extrovert that can talk to anybody without any circumstances are very rare so it's a social convention to simplify the interaction in according the inside with the outside. But i never wanted to play that game, it's both a sort of protection and a sort of filter, if they are people willing to discover who i really am, it's through talking with me it will happen, not from my appearance.

How I dress is so important to me in making me feel confident. Its an advertisement of my personality. It is a curated exhibition of the things I like. There’s lots of things you can guess about people from of the way they dress.

I think you express yourself with clothing. It's necessary in the weather conditions, but also tells alot about people. It's also fun and employs millions. Plus the world we live in is very visual. You are critised for how you look. It matters. Because i care about the fashion industry, i am trying to discover new blogs, books, information and people about a way of changing it or atleast effecting it a little.

I chose to wear these boots for the first time in a while because I felt bad that I had been neglecting them (I suppose this is important as it means I project emotions onto my clothes. ha.)
I wore little makeup because I knew this would be a day where I wouldn't have much contact with people except at work.

It's about how I feel and today I felt that I need to be more comfortable

It's me and I am important to me, whether people like it or not, we represent ourselves by how we dress, look, behave, everyone is special, beauty is in all of us because we are unique

The only thing that is important is the shirt. Lion King is my favourite movie, so how could it not?
I normally wear black leggings and dark shirts with combat boots. (black)

I'm really not sure anymore...

It is important to show diversity among women.

Style helps show the world who you are.

I thought about me n my dressing today

It makes me happy. Make yourself happy and everyone around you will be happy too.

It’s important because it’s me! It’s me right now at this moment! I’m as candid as it gets right now because I didn’t dress for this question. This outfit and everything on me has been on me since this morning. This is the real Lauren Tussey, right here right now on another Thursday night. You got me, and you’ll always get me.

I feel the way you look is always the first impression you give to people who don't know you.

This stuff? I recently met a woman that was really concerned about her identity (which made me really interested in how she presented herself). It made me think that this 'stuff' really does form our identity, and reveals some of our values in a non-spoken way. And it's tied up with confidence and therefore happiness!

It is. And it isn't. It is, because
a. it's naive to think we aren't judged on our appearance
b. it's pleasurable to make an effort. Every day should be special, and for me that includes nice clothes and being well groomed

It isn't because
a. it's none of my business what someone else looks like, though I do take great pleasure from looking at someone who is very elegant but unaware
b. If you're working on a cure for cancer who cares what you look like
c. If many of us cared less it would matter less

on what to wear in specail dates and apointment

The way you cover yourself is the way you want your life to be.

Getting dressed is a decision we make over and over each day. I look for habits and patterns that may correlate with other decisions I make. I've noticed in the past few years I've taken fewer fashion risks and I buy clothes that will allow putting outfits together to get simpler, and ultimately I just want to blend in.

clothes? well you have to wear something.

or do you...

The necklace is important to me because my dad (now deceased), loved malachite. Whenever I wear it, it reminds me of him. The whole outfit is important in that it affords me the opportunity to be comfortable but appear business-casual at my office job.

I definitely think tasteful over fashionable. We do bear a lot of weight in how men think of us (though not, by any means, all!) and I think it's our duty to be wary and respectful of that.

We are always first and foremost judged by our apprearance. It is only after getting to know someone can we acknowledge that the clothes they are wearing does not tell the full story of who they are.

I think it's very important. I feel very strongly affected by what I wear and how I look. If I don't feel like myself with what I'm wearing I feel grumpy or shit.

My hair is comfortable, but depicts my personality. The jacket is functional and unique. My manicure is often a conversation starter, so I choose interesting designs and colour combos. The makeup is down played, its Sunday. The snake necklace is unique and it reminds me of a friend who is far away right now. The CK satchel is my one give-in. It goes with everything. Its my one boring item.

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