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22. How do institutions affect the way you dress?

They do not.

I work in the arts sector in a casual workplace so we can wear whatever we want. Outside of that, I continue to wear what makes me comfortable/feel good.

I am at war with fast fashion companies, so they do affect the way I dress.

In a negative way every time

I've been breaking institutional standards for clothing since my mid-teens. I bristle at rules.

My parents and their church have very definitive standards for modest, feminine dress. I've rejected those.

My professional career in IT technology started in the Bible Belt. I remember a female mentor telling me to wear a navy blue skirt suit with hose to job interviews. I scored an interview, and I wore black slacks with an orange printed top. They hired me.

Not much. I don't like being told what to do or being pressured to be a certain way and so normally ignore expectations.

I think they so not affect me, but I am not sure.

not quite I think.

I guess I would try to be appropriate within reason

not at all

Not much other than at my work its a dresscode i have to follow.

I have to dress in uniform for my job. I bring my own clothes to and from work so that mentally I don't feel like I am working as I am travelling.

Banks require full corporate wear except Fridays. Some religious institutions call for modesty. I comply within my personal boundaries of fashion

I rebel against them.

Policies set in place will obviously change it, but I’ll also sort of adapt to the environment a little bit. Pick things up here and there.

I buy from only one online shop. I am totally committed.

Institutions with dress codes affect the way women feel about their bodies, in my opinion. They teach women from a young age that we are sexual objects, and to dress modestly for the convenience of others. Institutions that sell clothing often only depict models of one body type, which I feel like also encourages us to cover our own bodies in shame. I personally don't take these things to heart. Women should wear what they're comfortable wearing.


I used to be a student and I wear student uniform.

The word "institution" is a disturbing word to me. It connotes conforming to ridiculous rules, time-cards, robotic and a caged-animal mentality. I purposefully avoid places that one might term "an institution", except for the Smithsonian Institution, for example.

They do not.

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