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22. How do institutions affect the way you dress?

I rebel against them.

Policies set in place will obviously change it, but I’ll also sort of adapt to the environment a little bit. Pick things up here and there.

I buy from only one online shop. I am totally committed.

Institutions with dress codes affect the way women feel about their bodies, in my opinion. They teach women from a young age that we are sexual objects, and to dress modestly for the convenience of others. Institutions that sell clothing often only depict models of one body type, which I feel like also encourages us to cover our own bodies in shame. I personally don't take these things to heart. Women should wear what they're comfortable wearing.


I used to be a student and I wear student uniform.

The word "institution" is a disturbing word to me. It connotes conforming to ridiculous rules, time-cards, robotic and a caged-animal mentality. I purposefully avoid places that one might term "an institution", except for the Smithsonian Institution, for example.

They do not.

I have to wear a uniform to work.

at this point, very little.

I'm at an art school at the minute and that heavily influences how creative you are with how you dress. No matter what you wear, there will always be someone who is challenging the norms more than you.

I dress appropriately to the situation, except when I don't (and that is appropriate for me when I am making an exception I think needs making)

Institutions? We have casual style at work, so I suppose there aren't any institutions.

I work in a creative industry so I don't have a real work wardrobe per se. But when I go to a meeting in a bank, I am always more conservative.

I also hate how H&M and other fast fashion chains are making us lazy - everything is there within reach, copy a look, don't think about what you are buying, give in and have too much junk.

so I edit and have budgets for clothes and give a piece away for each I buy. this comes from HK and living in small spaces and moving countries often perhaps.

not at all, I think

at work in the above described way. in everything else i try to dress on purpose not too formal or elegant FOR an institution. If it happens I get angry at myself.

My college was a big influence. I live in a city and take public transportation to get around so comfort and warmth are a huge need. My position right now is an institution so I wear a uniform Monday through Friday. Some days are harder than others.

In New Zealand if you appear in the High Court if you are a woman you must wear a white collared shirt and a pair of black pants or a skirt. Your shoes must be black. Fortunately the area of law I practice means that I will probably never appear in the High Court. However, I did have to appear in the High Court when I was admitted to the bar as a barrister and solicitor. For a long time prior to my admission I toyed with the idea of fucking with the system a bit and wearing red shoes. In the end I didn't have the courage to do so (and probably had foresight not to!) But I decided that I somehow needed to break with tradition, in the most subtle way possible. I needed to do something that said "I have a little bit more personality than that!" And so, I bought a white shirt with a scalloped collar. It was barely discernible, and technically speaking I complied with all of the rules, but I still felt slightly good about the fact that I was fucking with the system, so to speak.

They don't.

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