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22. How do institutions affect the way you dress?

I wear a nurses uniform

They don't.

hopefully, they don't

They don't and never have. Even in high school I had my own style.

They real don't. Now a days you can go anywhere however you are dressed.

I definitely dress depending on the activities and people I'll meet during the day???

It does not affect me at all.

I care about being dressed appropriately for the occasion. My observant Jewish identity has made me really conscious of the way I dress and present my body.

My style is quite sophisticated so nothing really affects it.

With my family, I dress knowing there will be photos taken.
At work, I dress to look the part of a designer (simple, dark clothing)

we are products of our environments

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I'm a christian, so on Sunday all the ladies dress up (skirts/dresses) for church. Also, at scouts I have a (rather horrible) uniform. Other than that, I can't really think of anything.

I would not wear the same clothes to church or to a funeral that I would wear around home or on vacation. Both occasions require a degree of respect that I would want to be reflected in my dress.

Being at art school probably affects the way I dress.

My workplace does not allow for some of my bolder clothing choices.

Work can be a buzz kill and office culture, in general.

Depending on where I am working, I have had to be mindful of the clothes and jewellery I wear.

They don't generally. thought I will dress smart/casual depending on what is necessary.

not relevant

none really other than when I worked in nursing homes and hospitals and obviously I wore uniform.

If they pay me, I dress the part. I teach at a college, so I dress like a professor.


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