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22. How do institutions affect the way you dress?

At client sites I need to look 'professional' - i.e. shirt, trousers, shoes
Other than that, they don't

Generally fashion trends influence my top choices. Generally I think I’ll look to silly/not have enough time to maintain a look to go all in on a trend.

My favorite brands, especially Prana, Boden, and Levi’s. I think music also has an influence.

When I was a curator my clothes represented the institution.

Dress code policies. More businesswear and formalwear.

None really

I dress for the occasion no matter what it is.. I like what I like

I feel when I come to school I have to wear differently.

Dress codes are usually the direct culprit.

they make you wear a uniform and they give you cloes but they lose your underwear sometimes.

My style meets most needs everywhere, I'm not really constrained.

no way

I do not understand what you mean under institution but if you mean for instance theater, then yes I try to keep tradition and wear something else then t normal daily clothes which are sporty for me.

Working in an office has destroyed my sense of style to myself. I always feel like I am in corporate drag.

not much

I don't know?

Not sure

They don't much -- other than making sure I don't wear clothes with cutouts.

i don't know. in an office, i like not looking like a slob when an executive walks by, even if it doesn't materially matter.

I don't really have a dress code on my campus so I don't think that they do. I also don't dress in a way that is informed by other people's opinions.

Only in so much as I am proud of the schools I have attended and, occasionally, I like to show my support.

They do not.

I work in the arts sector in a casual workplace so we can wear whatever we want. Outside of that, I continue to wear what makes me comfortable/feel good.

I am at war with fast fashion companies, so they do affect the way I dress.

In a negative way every time

I've been breaking institutional standards for clothing since my mid-teens. I bristle at rules.

My parents and their church have very definitive standards for modest, feminine dress. I've rejected those.

My professional career in IT technology started in the Bible Belt. I remember a female mentor telling me to wear a navy blue skirt suit with hose to job interviews. I scored an interview, and I wore black slacks with an orange printed top. They hired me.

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