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22. How do institutions affect the way you dress?

When I have a job, I have to wear the uniform, but I sometimes have to wear extra pieces that I don't want to wear in order to hide my body art.

I once attended a piano concert at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and dressed up basically to fit the modern feel of the building. I think in that case the institution may have shaped the dress. The other example might be a religious gathering - church, synagogue, typically you want to dress in a way that looks elegant. For university life I tried to dress it down and not look to ostentatious on campus.

One of my prized possessions is the neon-green National Lawyers Guild hat I earned as a Legal Observer.

They don't, I make sure of it. No one can tell me what to wear or when to wear it. In the past jobs had that ability, but now that I'm self employed I will never look back.

We see the ads and perhaps note what style we might adopt because it suits body shape/age. We see clothing in shop windows. Institutions can mean a hospital. I have hospital visiting clothes. I don't want to look like a patient. So I'll wear a cheerful dress. Hello! I'm not sick. Mind you, if I'm headed to Emerg for that weird pain in my gut, I'll also dress well because I don't want to be taken for a marginal person. What's that disease where you keep going to hospitals with imaginary diseases? I don't do that, but I sort of get it, the idea of surrendering oneself to the care of others.

They don't, I don't think -- luckily.

I sometimes get flak at work for dressing more creatively than my very corporate environment (I have a creative job within a corporation). I do sometimes need to adhere to the edict of “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” so have lately been throwing more blazers over the whole ensemble to dress it up a little more.

Not that I am aware of

When I'm thinking about my image it tends to be in the context of work. Is this appropriate for work? How will clients see me?

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