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23. Do you think you have taste or style? Which one is more important? What do these words mean to you

I believe I have taste and style. This is often affirmed by other people. Everyone's taste is different though. I think style has more to do with a way of carrying yourself and being self assured. You have to know yourself. It's singular to a specific person and inimitable.

I think taste and style are nearly synonymous, but that taste applies more broadly to intangible things, such as the way we represent ourselves when we speak or write or interact.

My style is relaxed but pretty.

I feel I have both - taste feels more like 'this or that' whereas style speaks to a collection and aura that radiates from that bigger picture of self-expression.

I have a little sense of style, and more taste. I think?

I think I have taste because I pretty know a lot about fashion and style

I think I have great style and poor taste, and I'm very comfortable with that.

To me, "taste" speaks of someone who dresses in a way that's conventionally pleasing. I imagine they have a well-organized closet full of Brooks Brothers shirts and merino sweaters. A tasteful person's clothes always fit, and their clothes never offend.

Someone with style has a well-defined aesthetic that may exist well outside the boundaries of convention or what's acceptable. A stylish person dresses to express their inner self and make themself happy.

I think everyone has taste and style. I don't know if mine is good, but it exists.

Do I have taste? Do I have style? When I read your book I asked myself these questions. I think first one has to define 'taste' and 'style'. If you define 'style' as a sort of personal Hand writing that becomes visible in different aspects of my life, then I would say "Yes I think, I have style." When I hear the word 'taste' I automatically think of People (men and women) that wear exquisit garments and live in elegantly furnished homes like the ones you sometimes see in magazines. But I think I am not that Kind of Person.

they mean most the same to me. style is more important I think as it refers to more of the wholeness of one's earthly presence whereas taste is more so to the particular items and refers to more of a picking and consuming to me.

I think both. I get “I like your look”
I try to step it up if I am around people or at school


I think personally i have both but everyones taste is different. For me both is important but Words themself means like i feel good about myself.

I think I have a taste - I associate this word with physical aspects of fashion such as colours, textures and form. Style to me means more of a time and place such as 80s british punk.

Style. I have style. I think style is more important. I think taste is more temporary and style is long lasting.

I have Style, capital s. Taste sounds like you’re picking out what looks good, but you can’t make it. To me, style is the ability to make something even better out of a couple articles. I’ve always been able to create outfits or rooms or paintings that are so much more than the sum of their parts. For this reason, I think I have Style.

I would like to think I have both. Taste is more important because a style can be tasteless but someone with taste will always have a good style.

I really don't think I have either, and I don't know the difference.

Taste is the only way I experience ice cream. As a child, I was also told I wore it, though.

taste. taste is more important.

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