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23. Do you think you have taste or style? Which one is more important? What do these words mean to you

I think I have good taste, it's not extravagant but it suits me. Taste is an interesting concept because it implies a sense of the absolute but I think the absolute can be varied. There can be several different versions of good tastes. At the same time I do think there is a difference between good taste and bad taste in that some things are absolutely good and some things are absolutely bad.

Hmmm. I see ‘taste’ as appreciating something from the outside, and ‘style’ as something that comes from within. I definitely think I have more of the latter. I like the way I look and dress, but can’t really be methodical about it, and I don’t have the vocabulary to really discuss fashion (words like “empire waist” and “epaulettes”, etc), which I would associate with having “taste”. I’m way more impulsive and instinctual with how I put myself together- and I guess I associate that with “style”.

Yes, I think I have both. I see taste as the ability to filter and style as the clear and confident expression of one's Self. "Taste" is sort of a trap though because it often becomes a codified word for class—implying without questioning that richer is better. Is that really a value we still want to be plugging into, collectively in 2014? Is richer better? In this way, "taste" is a questionable virtue.

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