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23. Do you think you have taste or style? Which one is more important? What do these words mean to you

I think I have my own taste and style. Taste to me means having an eye or an appreciation for the form of a thing, the way it falls, the lines and the colours, the effects it has, either positive or negative. Everyone has different tastes which makes the world a diverse and wonderful place and I certainly have my own. In terms of style, although not everyone would think I'm stylish (which is different from having a style) I definitely hold my own. I have a style I call Clown Chic and I enjoy bright colours, strong lines and bold patterns. The more whimsical the better. To me having a style all your own helps you distinguish yourself visually in the world, stand out like a piece of art on a blank wall. Although, some people's style would be to blend with the wall and that's just as interesting and says just as much about the person as anything else.

I’m modest in most areas, but I believe I have great taste. That means that when I tell you your outfit is amazing, you can take those words to the bank. My style means less to me than my taste, because taste extends towards everything I do, every curated facet of my life.

I think I have taste and style, but often my budget does not match up with the cost of these things. To me, taste is a refinement and style equals flare.

Well, sure, everyone has an individual taste, and style is subjective. Taste is what you prefer, and style is how it looks to you.

Maybe that's not very fashion-y of me, but I think that's what the words mean, at their essence. What's more important is knowing what you like, independent of what other people think.

I think I do. To me, "taste" or "style" is just thinking about what you're adorning yourself with. Putting some thought into it. Choosing how you present yourself. It's perfectly fine if you don't, if you just throw on whatever somebody got for you or whatever is most conveniently available in your size. But I wouldn't call that having taste or style.

It's only important if it's important to you. I know people without taste or style who seem to lead full and happy lives!

Taste is imposed by others and is a social agreement. It's a convention. I like to think I'm not influenced by 'good taste' but dream on, I am. I don't want to look like a kook. I affect, most of the time, a trim tailored look, sort of 'conventional bohemian' whom you'd trust to watch your bike while you whip into the convenience store. But you'd know I'm not a tax lawyer.

I do not think that I believe in a universal definition for tastefulness or tastlessness. There are things I like and things I do not like, and these things do seem to fall into some sort of cohesive me-ishness, even if I do not know what qualifies as falling into that category and what does not in any sort of objective way.

Not totally. I am never sure what is trendy and stylish, but I do dress in a "normal" way. Tastefully. I think being tasteful is more important than stylish -- I think there are a lot of blurred lines these days. People dress more to be stylish or provocative versus appropriate for the situation/moment.

I have both. I was raised with taste and I have my own style. I am not always confident in it, especially at this moment, at 41, the first time I feel older than 23. I feel that I need to refine my style to suit who I am now. I am more pulled together than I was then. Style means that I can change these things. Taste is just present.

Taste would be Chanel picking out the 7 neckalaces that were all amazing, and style would be saying “ok now take one off”. (referencing that chanel quote about taking 1 item of jewelry off before leaving the house.)

I think I have both taste and style (but doesn't everyone?). It depends on the situation which one is more important. During fashion week: style. Attending a funeral: taste.

Taste seems pretty specific: good or bad, either you have it or you don’t (presentable vs. inappropriate). Style is very personal; it’s not about throwing items on, but how they work together and the touches you add to it to make it your own: accessories, the way you cuff your sleeves, pop your collar, etc. I think even if you don’t agree with/like someone’s aesthetic or you would never wear it yourself, I think it can be generally agreed upon when someone has style vs. taste.

I definitely have style. I know how to have taste but it doesn't interest me. I think if you come from money and want to hang with a very moneyed crowd, it's best to have taste.

I’m not sure that I have either! I have my own taste, I suppose. I don’t know that it’s good taste, or that there is such a thing as objectively good or bad taste. I think I have a style, in that if you look at what I wear, you can see a pattern or some consistency of styles, colors, etc. But I don’t know that I have style in general – I don’t think I have a great eye, and I certainly can’t match outfits together. I never know how to match a skirt and top, or shirt and sweater. I think some people just have a good eye for pairing colors or patterns or types of material; maybe that comes with time and practice. But I just sort of respond to what I find aesthetically pleasing.

I think I have good taste, it's not extravagant but it suits me. Taste is an interesting concept because it implies a sense of the absolute but I think the absolute can be varied. There can be several different versions of good tastes. At the same time I do think there is a difference between good taste and bad taste in that some things are absolutely good and some things are absolutely bad.

Hmmm. I see ‘taste’ as appreciating something from the outside, and ‘style’ as something that comes from within. I definitely think I have more of the latter. I like the way I look and dress, but can’t really be methodical about it, and I don’t have the vocabulary to really discuss fashion (words like “empire waist” and “epaulettes”, etc), which I would associate with having “taste”. I’m way more impulsive and instinctual with how I put myself together- and I guess I associate that with “style”.

Yes, I think I have both. I see taste as the ability to filter and style as the clear and confident expression of one's Self. "Taste" is sort of a trap though because it often becomes a codified word for class—implying without questioning that richer is better. Is that really a value we still want to be plugging into, collectively in 2014? Is richer better? In this way, "taste" is a questionable virtue.

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