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23. Do you think you have taste or style? Which one is more important? What do these words mean to you

I have a taste, not perhaps a style. The difference between is perhaps that I want to look "invisible", a stylish person wants to look good.

I believe I have a taste but not a distinct style just yet. I believe style is more important because it's how you want to present yourself in terms of the current trends. Someone with taste is generally someone who can buy off the current racks however someone with style generally knows what they want before they go out looking.

I think good taste can be cultivated, or learnt. It is more surface. It can be easily borrowed or faked even.

Style I think is inherent. you grow up with it, it is a sum total of your experiences, your travels, what you read and what you listen to. It is in how you order vegetables, how you treat your friends, how you make your coffee.

I hope I am stylish with a splash of (bad) taste. Life is more fun that way!

i think i have both - i just think i dont exhibit it much

i think i have both. means i know how to represent my inner self to the outside. though it's schizophrenic sometimes

I think I have both. I think my style is something constantly being cultivated. Style is what I use to put the horse before the cart in feeling confident. My new hair is a little brash so it helps me feel a good combination in that I can take risks but also not take myself too seriously. My wardrobe is a lot of vintage clothing and I really like giving things new life and paying homage to older american forms of beauty but giving them my own life. Style can mean a lot of different things about the general way you interact with the world and if I can have my radiant personality with a fabulous touch of looking and feeling put together, I am so happy to navigate the world as I will. Taste to me is choice and restraint. There's a lot of pretty things, and I can recognize that, but my style dictates if I want them in my life or not. It helps me say FUCK YOU! to expensive things. I want to be punk rock in that way.

I think taste is permanent, style transient. I think you have good taste if you like things now that you like in ten years time. I am hugely into food, so I guess I often look at the distinction between taste and style more often in the context of food than fashion. I will always love a good macaroni cheese and a good burger because they taste good. I won't necessarily always like oyster foam or raw superfood salads, as they're just fads that will be here one year and gone the next. We don't like those things because they taste good.

Minimalism and neutral colors, I like having all items in my closet be able to match each other instead of single look items.

Yes- I think I do. Don't we all think we do?
Taste is more important because it extends beyond style.

It may make me look too fond of myself but I think to have both and that they're equally important.

I have style and I know I'm tasteful when it comes to recommendations for others dressing. Style is dressing beautifully and being complimented for it. Taste is knowing what to wear when.

I think I have good taste, most of the time. Sometimes, I have style, but it's hard for me to see the gestalt of my clothing choices. I don't really think of them as "fashion" choices and I mostly look at fashion magazines for the photographic choices.

I try to. Taste is more important. Taste implies being smart in all aspects of life.

Taste, yes, style, a bit.
taste is way more important.


I have neither

I certainly hope that I have good taste and style. Good taste to me is recognizing the quality and uniqueness of something, while good style is the ability to combine and put pieces together to create a look that you're proud of.
At the moment, with a college-grad bank account, I'm spending a lot of money at H&M and T.J. Maxx, but I do try to limit it and look at care instructions and quality of the product before purchasing.


My taste is in comfort and practicality. It's hard to find anything to call my style because every shop seems to have the same five items with different prints.

I think style encompasses taste.

I don't think i have any of those. I don't really know what they mean anyway...

Someone told me I had ‘swag’ once. I think that probably means confidence in pulling off something that could potentially be terrible. I think that probably means I have style more that taste. ‘Tasteful’, although giving something a certain qualification, also has many negative connotations for me, as being a bit bland or within the rules. Style is more individual and interpretable. I like swag best though.

I think style is something that everybody has, but taste is not. Taste is refined, mostly invoving quality clothing and classic pieces. But taste is also knowing to pair your 200€ silk shirts with converse or vintage boots.

I think i have both, because i have an eye for fit, quality and details.

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