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23. Do you think you have taste or style? Which one is more important? What do these words mean to you

I think personally i have both but everyones taste is different. For me both is important but Words themself means like i feel good about myself.

I think I have a taste - I associate this word with physical aspects of fashion such as colours, textures and form. Style to me means more of a time and place such as 80s british punk.

Style. I have style. I think style is more important. I think taste is more temporary and style is long lasting.

I have Style, capital s. Taste sounds like you’re picking out what looks good, but you can’t make it. To me, style is the ability to make something even better out of a couple articles. I’ve always been able to create outfits or rooms or paintings that are so much more than the sum of their parts. For this reason, I think I have Style.

I would like to think I have both. Taste is more important because a style can be tasteless but someone with taste will always have a good style.

I really don't think I have either, and I don't know the difference.

Taste is the only way I experience ice cream. As a child, I was also told I wore it, though.

taste. taste is more important.

Yes I do. Both are important. It mean a lot to consider them in my life.

I most definitely have MY STYLE as a shabby chic hippie. Regarding taste, to each his or her own. I don't care what others wear, except if it's exceptionally tacky. No one is allowed EVER to tell me what to wear because I would purposefully disobey their orders. Style to me means individuality. Taste to me connotes conforming to norms, trends or others' expectations.

I live in a western town and I love the look and style and I enjoy wearing it.

I'm not sure.

I guess I have a style?? It jumps between baggy, oversized clothes which I choose for comfort over anything else (bonus points if they're boys clothes) and cute Oliver Bonas/mumsy styles which make me feel like I have my life together... I guess I just see style as a kind of theme in the way I present myself.

I have no taste. My style is a matter of taste.

i think i have eclectic tastes when it comes to other peoples fashion choices, but I'm very specific when it come to mine. i think style is more important.

I have a taste, not perhaps a style. The difference between is perhaps that I want to look "invisible", a stylish person wants to look good.

I believe I have a taste but not a distinct style just yet. I believe style is more important because it's how you want to present yourself in terms of the current trends. Someone with taste is generally someone who can buy off the current racks however someone with style generally knows what they want before they go out looking.

I think good taste can be cultivated, or learnt. It is more surface. It can be easily borrowed or faked even.

Style I think is inherent. you grow up with it, it is a sum total of your experiences, your travels, what you read and what you listen to. It is in how you order vegetables, how you treat your friends, how you make your coffee.

I hope I am stylish with a splash of (bad) taste. Life is more fun that way!

i think i have both - i just think i dont exhibit it much

i think i have both. means i know how to represent my inner self to the outside. though it's schizophrenic sometimes

I think I have both. I think my style is something constantly being cultivated. Style is what I use to put the horse before the cart in feeling confident. My new hair is a little brash so it helps me feel a good combination in that I can take risks but also not take myself too seriously. My wardrobe is a lot of vintage clothing and I really like giving things new life and paying homage to older american forms of beauty but giving them my own life. Style can mean a lot of different things about the general way you interact with the world and if I can have my radiant personality with a fabulous touch of looking and feeling put together, I am so happy to navigate the world as I will. Taste to me is choice and restraint. There's a lot of pretty things, and I can recognize that, but my style dictates if I want them in my life or not. It helps me say FUCK YOU! to expensive things. I want to be punk rock in that way.

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