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23. Do you think you have taste or style? Which one is more important? What do these words mean to you


Of course! Both, and lots!
I have said many times, in what I hope is understood as a humble manner, that I consider my own taste to be unimpeachable. However, my hope for the world is that everyone be able to feel the same way about themselves and what they like. The affinity with what we love should be that strong in all of us. To me, taste is an instinct, an immediate reaction to the aesthetic world that tells us, 'yes, it's for me!' or 'no, get that out of here.' Of course, what makes taste so wonderful is how it can change as we change. I love to realize that I've come to like something I'd previously dismissed, or had failed to understand. I also love to clear out old things and be baffled at having ever thought something was cool or beautiful: it's a material manifestation of having grown.
Style and taste, I believe, can only be fully and completely integrated when one has access to a certain minimum of resources. This could be financial means, or the leisure time it takes to scour vintage and alternative sources, or direct access to designers, or having one's own design practice. For the rest of us, it often feels like there is a gulf between what our tastes desire and our resources allow. 'Style' is how we use those resources in creating an embodied identity, how we shape the materials around us to express something personal about ourselves, but it does remain limited by what we have available.
I myself think my taste is utterly perfect, though my style is hindered by the realities of my life. I think I do alright with what I have, most of the time.

I have taste, I think. I know what looks good on me and what doesn't, though I don't always dress to best effect. I don't have a lot of flair and sometimes I get bored and think I need to switch it up.

Style is how to make it look good and taste is what goes in to the decision making of choosing the pieces.

Hmm. Taste. I know goos style when I see it but I can't always put it together out of my own closet.

I have good taste, my style is still a work in progress. I think having good taste means I won't settle for wearing something that doesn't look or feel good on.

To me, taste and style are not very different. And yes, I think I have them. I guess style is...for me, that means a personal style: clothes that mean me, no matter the occasion. When I think of style, I think of people like Audry Hepburn or Jackie O. But I would say that Lady Gaga also has style, in a way--at least she has her OWN style, certainly--but her style is not really in good taste. I think that's kind of her intention. Taste is, to me, appropriateness? Tastefulness? I'm not sure how to define it. And it's objective, at least to a degree, and especially in the middle. Extremes are somewhat obvious. Jackie O--good taste. Donald Trump's hair--bad taste. (I had this conversation once with friends. Boys: if I were that rich, I wouldn't care what my hair looked like. Girls: if I were that rich, I could pay for a BETTER HAIRCUT!!)

I would rather others see me as having style than taste, I think. I think my style is tasteful, and I'm working on developing my personal style. But maybe it won't be to everyone's taste, and I'd like to be confident enough in my style to trust my own taste and not worry so much about other people's.

I don't think I have either more than average. But I believe strongly that having taste is more important.

I think I have vulgar taste, or bad taste. I know I'm cheesy, I know I probably dress too young for my age (that's political in a way, isn't it? to buck convention). I'm not fancy, and I don't have an aesthetic which stay constant. Like my moods, the way I dress shifts and changes and is erratic too.

I think I have both, I think they're kind of the same thing.

It was my sister who told me she had inherited a sense of taste at home. I may have taken my or my family's sense of taste for granted yet known about it. One friend in graduate school, a friend of everyone and girlfriend, once, of one, said and it got back to me (as hopeful gossip) that I had the best taste in that school. I lived on a budget that didn't include clothes, though I stayed dressed rather well for school. Taste in writing may be what she meant.

i have good taste ( well cut ralph lauren type) and i have great style because i will not buy a complete outfit and wear it that way- i buy sportswear pieces and mix it up. people tell me i have great style. this is very important to me. sometimes i trot out a garment that hasn't seen the light of day for a while- not because i want to wear it but for the challenge of making it work - plus i feel sorry for it because it is neglected. but often it is neglected for a reason and the exercise doesn't work BUT i could never settle for a uniform every day of a white shirt and black jeans or something like that- too damn dull.

Taste would be preferences. Style would be how those preferences appear when put together. For example taste would be liking op shop clothes but the style from that preference could be classic, retro or quirky. So yes I have my own unique tastes and style.
My taste is quality and classic clothing. My style would probably be best described as classic.

Style is more important - taste is very subjective and limiting.

I equate style with trendiness, taste with an eye for quality and more classic pieces. I think I have taste, I know and wear what I like, not what's on the catwalks. I can mix and match pieces and still look presentable. I will probably never be a glamour 'do' (that's ok), but I will definitely never be a glamour 'don't'.

Eh, I mostly tend toward "classic" looks. Outfits that would not look dated if someone looked at a photo of them years later. I don't know that it's important to call it that per se. It's just what I like and that's the closest I can come to describing it.

I think i have taste, that sometimes make me look like i have style?
Some things are tasteful without being particularity stylish. I would say Repetto flats are tasteful but not always in style, for example.

Taste: I have a good taste, and I have a unique style. I am able to combine both.
I do not criticize style of others, but I criticize taste sometimes.

I think I have both. No, rather, I don’t think anyone has them. People talk to taste. They talk to style. They are words that mean ever-morphing things that people jump in and out of, like a pond that swells and dries.

Taste is not a fixed standard, it is a gathering of ‘cultural capital,’ or knowledge about a particular type of representation. And, like any currency, different types of knowledge have different values in different places.

The values associated with ‘taste’ can change as rapidly as crossing a state line or entering a different room of a house. There is no universal ‘good taste’ or ‘bad taste.’ There are only tiny conversations among persuasive people, and those conversations spread to other, larger groups, and then pictures are taken and pasted everywhere. That’s where taste comes from, but first, the persuasive people have to have something to talk about. That’s where, I think, style comes in.

Like taste, style is not universal. Whereas ‘taste’ is the outcome of conversations, I think ‘style’ is conversation. Like a sentence, style is the act of piecing together existing forms to say something more engaging than if the forms existed by themselves. Like pants, for example. A pair of jeans. They can exist on their own, but they begin to say something different when they are paired with a blouse. Then, they say something different from when they are paired with a blouse than if they are paired with a plaid jacket. Once assembled--let’s say we picked the blouse--the statements change once again depending if the wearer is at an Applebee’s in Topeka, or at an art auction on the Upper East Side of New York. The difference between their statements, in their
outcomes, in the thoughts that occur in the heads of people who look at them--all of it is ‘style.’ Everyone has it, but not everyone gets noticed for their choices. Those that do get noticed are the ones who make choices that are distinctive from those around them, no matter who they are, where they got their clothes, or how much they paid for them.

Then, as I said, the persuasive people having tiny conversations try to point to one set of choices and say ‘good,’ and the other, ‘bad.’ Because they are persuasive, because they have enough ‘cultural capital’ (and real capital for that matter) to distribute their ideas widely, we decide what they say is law.

I would like to be a person that talks about ‘a style.’ Where it comes from, who wore it and for what reason, and why people are having a conversation about it in the first place. Then, I would like to decide whether or not I like it, based on my own little pond of cultural knowledge. That, then, would be ‘a taste.’ My taste. Is it ever truly mine, or just ideas I have absorbed from all those trying to persuade me? Either way, it shouldn’t
take the fun out of picking out an outfit.

I don't think I have either, and I don't think either are very important.

I think I have taste, over style; the former is more individual in my mind, whereas the latter can be influenced more by the outside.

I like to think that I have both. Style is the arrangement of different elements together to create a harmonious, cohesive idea. Taste is the boundaries of what is curated to be included in that idea.

I think its all personal preference really. I pick out things I find to be nice at thrift stores... "nice" as in aesthetically pleasing. My home is all thrifted furniture as well, I think it looks nice. People seem to respond positively to certain things I wear, and how my home looks

I think I have my own style and taste.

I think I have GOOD taste, and CLASSIC style. I think you can either have good or bad taste, but there are many differenst styles.

Both. Taste is instinctive; style is developed as you get to know yourself.

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