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23. Do you think you have taste or style? Which one is more important? What do these words mean to you

Both. Taste means you know what looks good. Style is your personal flair.

people often say, i do have good taste.
i would say taste is something inside of you. it differs from person to person and other people can't influence it easily.
style is the realisation of taste - it can be developed but also influenced or manipulated by others.

I think I've got reasonably good taste.
And every now and again reasonable style, but style is so fleeting, and unless it is a classic style doesn't really fit with my sustainable ethos (which invariably means I don't buy clothes every 5 mins so don't keep up with 'the stylish folk' per se).
Taste, implies values and transcends seasons!

Taste is what you choose, style is how you put your choices together for impact.

I am not sure, I just wear what I think compliments my body

Taste = is what I like
Style = is the way I put my taste together.

I have both.

Yes I do. Everyone has their own taste and style. I'm much more sure of mine as I get older, and I don't think one is more important than the other particularly. Taste to me is about what you are drawn to, and what you instinctively go for e.g. certain colours, types of books/art, and style is more about what kind of looks you go for whether it is more wild or minimal or tomboy etc. Both of them are your own, but influenced from many different places.

I'm not sure where this falls in terms of "taste" or "style" but I think I have a strong sense of spotting a piece of clothing that feels very "me". I really get a kick out of materializing myself in clothing and items.

I have taste. I have an eye for nice things, so I can appreciate them.

Both words seem a bit superficial.

taste is input.
style is output.

taste is how you observe and select.
style is how you combine and create.

I've tried to answer this a couple times, but I don't really think I can.

Taste is unique to oneself and may or may not be flattering. One's culture usually dictates style.
I have taste and once in a blue moon achieve style.

I think taste feels like more of an old fashioned word than style.

I think my style is non style. I choose pieces I Like and mix them in sometimes controversial ways. I do not subscribe to the colour of the year, or seasonal fashions dictated by some corporation. Im no fashionista.

Taste seems elitist. I have developed style where the artistic and the homespun meet the architectural.

Yes I believe I do have taste and style. Taste is knowing what is appropriate and suitable and style is about knowing how to dress for your body shape and colouring. I believe they go hand in hand.

taste to me is what you like in a piece of clothing (e.g. certain colours, a certain type of boot, a style of formal shirt)
style (when talking about an individual) is things that someone will like to/often wear.
I have certain tastes, but no style.

yes my own style

they are both important to me and they both overlap, style and taste go hand in hand.

Taste. I think this signifies a capacity to "read" messages about fashion, whether or not one dresses stylishly. One can have great style and bad taste. Whether they're being ironic or not.

Taste. Taste is something that will represent the inner you, style can be stolen or misrepresented

no matter the style, one has to have taste for dressing

i´ve got both

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