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23. Do you think you have taste or style? Which one is more important? What do these words mean to you

Yes, taste is the type of clothes you like and style is how you wear the clothes. Both are as equally important

I think I have both, a funny taste and a good style. People may not agree but I feel both say something about me: I am smart, fun and artistic.

I think I have both, and I think both are important. To me, taste refers to any single item, and style refers to the fluid way of putting things together and making one cohesive 'look.' So if I pick out a weird ring or some multi-colored shoes, that could be taste, and then the test of style would be how I incorporate them into a 'look.' I think it's fun to experiment with both.

Yes I do. Taste means the type of clothing you like and Style is how you wear the clothing, both are equally important.

I think so, although I also think that I have cultivated it by consulting external sources, so while I think I have some flair I have also educated myself a lot. Taste is about understanding what is appropriate, attractive, pleasing. Style moves more into the territory of beginning to make a statement, a signature look for yourself - ensuring that in presenting an attractive mien you are also doing so with flare and verve.

no. i don't have taste or style. I often get it wrong. too complicated, ends up being fussy. maybe I overthink it.

Style I believe. I know what I love and what looks good on me.

I do try to be "tasteful" as I am now older (55)....(no attempting to wear items of clothing meant for the very youthful anymore)

Style is the God and taste is just its servant for me. Style is everything, you can find it everywhere!

My style works for me. It encompasses my taste for casual comfort.

As I designer, I hope that I have both! Taste I think is more generic; I have good taste even for things I wouldn't buy or wear.
Style is how I put things together, I think. The finesse of one's personal presentation.

I'd say I have more style, it's not to everyones tastes, but it's what I like. I don't think one is more important than the other. Style for me is your personality expressed in what you wear. Taste is very personal, it's what you like or a drawn to.

Style is more important as it is individual. I have my own style, but my taste does not tend to sync with the general populace much.

I have a taste.
Of course taste is more important.

I think I have my own style, maybe I'm not very happy with the things I put together, but most of the times I'm very happy with the way I dress.
I think that having taste depends of the eye of the person that looks, but style is undeniable.

Taste is what you like, and applies more to a single item - clothing, a painting, music, whatever.

Style is how take the different elements of your taste and put them all together.

Neither one is more important.

I have both and they are equally important. Style isn't when you see somebody popular or a celebrity wearing a particular pair of shoes and you make it your goal to get an identical pair - that's called insecure conformism - style is when you know yourself what you like and you don't spend tons of money on labels but you can still put together a sassy outfit that you feel comfortable in.



Taste means you pick things that suit you and style means you pick things that keep up with the trends.

I have good taste. I think they are equally important. You have to dress in the way that matters to you, not what is "fashionable"

I have taste- I can distinguish between high & low quality. I am very very picky about fabrics, construction. If funds were unlimited, I could follow my tastes! Don't think I have a lot of style, which I think is a unique approach to aesthetics.

Not really. Taste maybe, which I think is more important to not over sell my body for approval from others/strangers. Style is something elusive to me, and is sometimes an insecurity

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