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23. Do you think you have taste or style? Which one is more important? What do these words mean to you

taste and style is in a way the same for me. Taste is what you like, maybe also on others but you don't need to buy it or have it. Style is in a way something that just comes with your personality because only then it's real. We live up the clothes we are wearing often without even knowing and that's the best because then it's real and other people see it's real.

I think that taste is what you like and style is how you express that on yourself. Some people might like a certain look but not feel confident enough to express it on their own body. I don't think it's fair to say which one is more important. I have both taste and style but there have been times in my life when my style didn't reflect my taste. I didn't have the resources or the time to devote to developing my own style. I feel like people can get a little bit judgemental or self-righteous when they talk about the definition of the word 'style' -- like anyone who follows fashion trends or doesn't have unique taste is somehow inferior. Some people just don't have the time to care about these things, and that's okay.

I hope I have great style, that's my favorite. Great taste is a good one, too. Like, Grace Kelly and Ginger Rogers. But Scarlett O'Hara and Nefertiri, you know, they had that great style.

I think I have style and taste, and the most important for me is to have style. Style means that I wear things that people would recognize as mine, and taste means that I can find something beautiful although I would´t wear it.

I believe that I have both. Both of them are important because if you have taste and choose beautiful clothes but can't combine them , your taste is useless. And if you can make an outfit but can't pick oustanding clothes them your style is useless. So taste is about picking nice items and style is matching them.

I like to think I have good style, which to me means that I can take anything and make it work. I think style is more an inherent, instinctual thing, and taste is learned. perhaps taste has to do with money.

Clothes should be flattering, should not emphasize figure flaws, but should also be comfortable. Women should feel free to bare their upper arms or wear shorts if the weather requires it for comfort

You have a style if you have taste.
To have taste is to care about aesthetics, proportions, lights, colors, shapes. If you manage to balance all those, then you probably have a great style.
To have a personality also equal to have style.
Then if you have personality and taste, you may be just beautiful and awesome to hang out with!

I think that when something doesn't fit your taste, it's just not your preference. But when something doesn't fit your style, it doesn't show you how you want to be seen.

I think I have both. I love well made clothes. However, as I have grown older, I have started to realize how important the style is. To me, it's a way to communicate your beings to the world and also a way to protect yourself from it. I began to learn more about the history of clothing and fabrics. Through understanding different fabrics, my discrimination against certain fabrics have dissolved.

Taste as of this moment, I am not that deep knowing when about fashion, maybe if to level my knowledge I am just a first grader at primary school.
Taste is about the kind of clothes, materials you want to apply and portray while Style its what you present.

I think I have taste, a little style, and mostly a uniform. I think neither of them really matters but you know when you see someone who has one, or both. I think having taste means you're discerning, you wear the best things in your budget, you know how to pair things. Style is a bit more personal, like putting your signature on a look. It's not manufactured.

I have good taste and style.

I have taste, but not style. I think style IS taste, but just on a grand scale, to the point of allowing taste to affect your every decision... I have the taste of a picky eater. I stick to what's familiar, try everything once or twice, and react negatively to a good amount of it.

taste all the way. Style comes and goes with the day; taste is bred much deeper in the bone. wish I had both but if I had to choose it would be taste.

I think I have both, to some degree. Style is much more important. Good taste on its own can result in dullness and conformity. I love the idea of each person having her/his own distinctive style.

Yes, taste is the type of clothes you like and style is how you wear the clothes. Both are as equally important

I think I have both, a funny taste and a good style. People may not agree but I feel both say something about me: I am smart, fun and artistic.

I think I have both, and I think both are important. To me, taste refers to any single item, and style refers to the fluid way of putting things together and making one cohesive 'look.' So if I pick out a weird ring or some multi-colored shoes, that could be taste, and then the test of style would be how I incorporate them into a 'look.' I think it's fun to experiment with both.

Yes I do. Taste means the type of clothing you like and Style is how you wear the clothing, both are equally important.

I think so, although I also think that I have cultivated it by consulting external sources, so while I think I have some flair I have also educated myself a lot. Taste is about understanding what is appropriate, attractive, pleasing. Style moves more into the territory of beginning to make a statement, a signature look for yourself - ensuring that in presenting an attractive mien you are also doing so with flare and verve.

no. i don't have taste or style. I often get it wrong. too complicated, ends up being fussy. maybe I overthink it.

Style I believe. I know what I love and what looks good on me.

I do try to be "tasteful" as I am now older (55)....(no attempting to wear items of clothing meant for the very youthful anymore)

Style is the God and taste is just its servant for me. Style is everything, you can find it everywhere!

My style works for me. It encompasses my taste for casual comfort.

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