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30. What sorts of things do you do, clothing or make-up or hair-wise, to feel sexy or alluring?

i am almost 70, i have been married for over 30 years. enough said.

Being well groomed. Clean hair, no make up, sun tan, smooth legs, painted nails and not much on.

It depends - it is actually not about dress, but about my attitude at the time.

I will kick the eye makeup up a notch and recently I've learned how to do winged eyeliner. Sometimes I curl my hair to give it bouncy waves. Clothing wise, I chose a pretty dress that fits well.

In the winter, boots and coat with a pony and sunglasses look dead sexy on me. Rawr!

Red lip or a cat eye. Stockings & suspenders. Good underwear. And shoes that make make ankles look even thinner & pretty.

Hardcore goth up: black lipstick, leather, fishnet stuff, corsets, high heels.

I like to do my makeup, and sometimes wear stockings or more fitted dresses to feel sexy.

I emphasize the lines of my body, the color of my lips, and the flowing of my hair through clothing and makeup. It's about emphasis, not changing anything.

Not wear any

Perfume! Clothes that show what I feel best about at that time.

Take them off!

I'm past the alluring / sexy stage of my life (by the youth yardstick, not mine). Perfume, a little makeup, heels, walk a little walk....

when i had long hair, i put it up into a bun
and if i wish to feel alluring, l wear lipstick

I have worn fake eyelashes nearly every day since I was sixteen. I sometimes layer up to four pairs at a time, which inexplicably makes me feel like Jarvis Cocker. I believe in cleavage. I like it when patterns mix well on my clothing and shoes. I think it's important to have one red detail: a purse, or hair bow, or shoes. I think of it like a red door on an otherwise plain house, and how elegant that always seems to me. I bleach my hair white-blonde. I prefer to have freckles. Dresses that tie in the back make me feel like I have a perfect body, even though I rarely feel that way otherwise, because they're tight in exactly the ways I want them to be. High-waisted shorts and pants with tiny stretch crop-tops also follow this thinking.

unbutton, and walk tall with your shoulders back and your chin forward, move your hips individually, it allows you to feel the movement of your body, with that you need no more.

The only thing I add to my normal routine is some eyeshadow. Sexiness is objective.

Tight jeans, heels, and some nice false lashes - not too fake. A bit of a tan doesn't hurt, either.

I get my eyebrows done, meaning waxed and plucked. Also, sometimes I'll wear a dress and some nice boots. I need nicer boots!

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