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30. What sorts of things do you do, clothing or make-up or hair-wise, to feel sexy or alluring?

Then i put on a minidress or a skirt With a see-thru top and heels, i love to wear a very feminine look With Bright red lips and Nails.

A ton of blush on the tip of my nose is my go-to sexy move.

I like choosing a lipstick shade that goes with my outfit.

I prep up and make sure I feel comfortable and that's that.

Good underwear, tight pants, powerful boots, long sexy hair, confidence.

Good bra is a must. I have to clean and moisturize my face or I feel disgusting. Otherwise, I just do something besides sweatpants and a t-shirt with a messy bun and BAM, I’m sexy as hell. With a side of anxiety.

I wear a lot of makeup, and especially wing my eyeliner. Clothing-wise, I like to wear crop tops, or something black and red. I leave my hair down, because its naturally wavy, or sometimes do a very high ponytail.

wear something other than sweats and a shirt

I buy my make up products and clothes from the retail store.

I would rather be evaluated as bright, intelligent, astute and sharp as I have NEVER tried to be sexy or alluring.

Just try to look nice.

I like to wear tight clothes that define and bring out my curves more. And I love to do my makeup using bold colours.

post earrings and clean hair

Matching set of bra and pants is a definite for this! I also find that a standard smokey eye paired with a slightly scruffy up-do works nicely for capturing the sexy/alluring look.

At some point in the last few years, the words sexy and alluring started sounding stupid to me. Am I sexy to myself? Alluring to whom?

If I want to feel good, I put on something really comfortable.

i think wearing anything that makes you feel confident is how to feel sexy. even if it means feeling confident in jeans an a t-shirt or feeling confident wearing nothing, both are equally as sexy.

clothing - I wear tight pants that make my butt look good and sometimes I'll also purposely wear a low-cut shirt, but I have to have the right bra so that I feel confident in my boobs.

hair - down, extreme side part, natural curls

Black. Boots. Messy hair. A bit too small shirt.

I like to wear my hair down with lots of volume, imperfect is sexier than sleek.

I like to show my shape, I feel powerful and confident when I dress in dresses that cinch at my waist. And wearing good matching lingerie.

Perfume. sexy alluring custom made perfume.

perfume, more than anything else

red lip-stick. black clothes.

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