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30. What sorts of things do you do, clothing or make-up or hair-wise, to feel sexy or alluring?

When it comes to clothes, anything with an exposed back or shoulders makes me feel instantly sexy, in the makeup department, I geel most alluring with pronounced eyelashes, but red lips do it too! I feel sexiest with colorful, long, curly hair, I haven't had it long for a few years now and it can't grow fast enough for me!

I like using red lipstick as a signifier of this, or nice heels or flat shoes, tights and a skirt, or a pretty white blouse, hopefully with some ruffles on the shoulders... It is very difficult to control my hair well...

I don't wear a lot of makeup but I love dressing in high-waisted skirts with funky patterned tights and high heels. That is a look that really makes me feel sexy.

black dress, one piece of jewelry too many, loose hair and perfume

My husband likes belly shirts, so usually I will go to those if I want to appeal to him (or stay cool in the summer). Generally I'm not really a get-sexy kind of person, I'm more cute and colourful, fun and fancy free. So sexy is more up to my husband.

Long eyelashes, blown out hair, fabric that moves.

Mascara—it makes my eyes look bigger, which makes my innocent/come-hither faces more effective.

I enjoy a good v-neck and good eye makeup.

Unbrushed, dirty hair and red lipstick make me feel alluring, but it is possible that washing my hair would be more effective in actually alluring.

'Alluring' might be stretching it .... but I do like to wear fairly close fitting summery dresses. The clunky sandals spoil the effect, but I walk a lot.

I like to wear dresses and skirts – that’s when I feel most sexy/confident. Otherwise, I try to just dress in a way that allows me to feel good and be comfortable/able to move around and dance without a mishap. That helps me feel my best.

Bed head and smoky eyeliner makes me feel like my evil twin. It’s a cliché, but I feel like she might be mistaken for owning a motorcycle and or drinking whiskey. It’s enough to loosen me up in all the right ways…

I started wearing black eyeliner on my lids a few years ago and I like how it makes the rest of the outfit feel more rebellious. I parted my hair to the side and that felt sexy as well.
clothing…I'm trying to remember to cinch the waist…

Fit. Get things tailored. Put the extra cash to making your clothes actually work for you. Find a good seamstress/tailor. Make friends with them. Put them on payroll. Bring them into your inner circle.

Not much, honestly. I think I am more cute or pretty, and not sexy, for the most part. Trying to be sexy just feels costumey to me. I think when you are comfortable (not in the traditional way, but comfortable in your own skin and look), you are sexy.

Hair up in a high, high braid. Lipstick. Heels because I'm short.

Cat's eye eyeliner

I just discovered lipstick. Whoever invented it was right. Lipstick is a sexy thing. Much more so than lip gloss.

For hair I use a Bumble & Bumble product called Brilliantine. The tube oh-so-eloquently points out that "it's unique and hard to define. It gives hair polish and a sort of languid, slept-in, sexy look." I think it works.

Clothing-wise, I feel my sexiest in shorts. They're not something you can wear year round, and they're not always appropriate at night, but they work with my proportions. They can be wanting but also refined and they lack the implications of a short skirt. Navy shorts and an off white silk blouse get a shiny gold star in my sexy style book.

I often feel ridiculous when I try to look sexy or alluring. I've always dressed in a way that pleases myself even if it's for myself only. I had a realisation recently that a lot of women think 'does this make me look hot' when they get dressed, and it honestly shocked me so much. it made me think, maybe I need to do that too. When I accidentally dress in a classically sexy way I often resent the attention I get. I want to shout back or laugh at the idiots who don't think I look hot in an over-sized pillowcase.

I straighten my hair and wear pumps.

Shave my legs but not my armpits. Very emollient natural cream, shea butter, for my legs. I order a big hunk of shea butter from Amazon, and mix it with a Lush perfume stick in Lust. It makes them soft and shiny. Lighter cream for my body. Brush my teeth. Black eyeliner, curled eyelashes (my mother did it, so I do, and my daughter probably will) and Maybelline Great Lash mascara. I sound like a beauty magazine.

Sometimes fancy black granny panties.

Sometimes a pair of Rodeo underwear with a built in harness for a silicone cock.

If I dress to attract someone’s attention, it’s typically a woman’s, and I do so by wearing an outfit that I’d notice or admire on someone else. It generally involves a well-cut vintage (or vintage-inspired) garment with a striking color or unusual pattern. It might also involve a piece of jewelry with a quirky charm—tiny animals, ladders, scissors, harmonicas—that someone up-close will reach for or ask about. It’s a way of making myself visible to someone who might share my eye, and whose taste in clothing might extend to other topics. It’s a kindred-spirit-hunting impulse, not a competitive one. I can be shy about initiating conversations. It’s nice when a clothing or jewelry compliment gets the ball rolling.

Clothes and make-up don't make me feel sexy. Lovers do.

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