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30. What sorts of things do you do, clothing or make-up or hair-wise, to feel sexy or alluring?

Either people will find me sexy, alluring, attractive or not. If they are the sort of person who would only be attracted to someone for what they wore, they are almost certainly not the sort of person I would find attractive

Matching lace underwear, well fitting top, accentuating my breasts. Usually more of a playful look than directly sexy. Or on a night out more edgy than overtly sexy.

I wear my hair curly, put on a little makeup to emphasize my features, wear clothes that emphasize my best parts.

Only put make up where you need it.. don't want to look like a clown and I don't want to look that much different without makeup

Usually bold make-up makes me feel sultry.

i wear clean clothes. i wear crosses and pins that are for Jesus , i carry money to give to the homeless every now and then.

I emphasize parts of me that I think they look good, my hair, smile, thinness. I wear v-neck tops, take care of my skin and hair, pluck my eyebrows, wear mascara and perfume.

emphasis on waist

I am 65 , I try not to feel older then I am by trying to much to look sexy. It is my hair which helps me and clothes which fit the best my figure.

slouchy, not skintight (or maybe both)

Whatever I feel looks best at the moment.

Hair perfectly imperfect
Emphasize eyes
Easy feel to my outfit

Tight fitting clothing ( my husband's fond of my yoga pants). Ironing my shirt -- a rarity. Also wearing clothes that a few shades away from each other in tone. I like single columns of color, like a monochromatic dress.

wear sleeveless shirts and pants that show my ass.

Wearing a high heeled boot (not stilettos or pumps- contrast!) of some sort with a short skirt for elongated legs and to make myself taller. Wearing something I feel really comfortable in so my confidence rises. Wearing light makeup and emphasizing my eyes. Wearing a braid or two or letting my hair fall in loose waves.

My curly red hair has always been the most notable thing about me, but nothing beats a smile to make a connection with another person.

Using glossier makeup has been nice for me because if you have clear skin, it really enhances it. Less makes me feel sexy. Shaving my head and bleaching my buzzcut also made me feel empowered.

Curling my hair, wearing dresses and heels

Clothing and hair-wise

My hair is naturally curly so when my curls look nice and I wear a nice shirt or dress.

I'll never quit wearing black eyeliner on my lower lid. False eyelashes make me feel invincible. I've never mastered eyelash glue, I'm so glad they started making magnetic eyelashes.

No matter what, I've always felt pretty good about my legs, so I always showcase them in some way.

If I'm getting really dressed up, I'll typically wear a floor-length gown with a very deeply plunging neckline. I'm tall and flat-chested, so a deep v-neck maxi gown is easy to pull off.

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