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30. What sorts of things do you do, clothing or make-up or hair-wise, to feel sexy or alluring?

Black. Boots. Messy hair. A bit too small shirt.

I like to wear my hair down with lots of volume, imperfect is sexier than sleek.

I like to show my shape, I feel powerful and confident when I dress in dresses that cinch at my waist. And wearing good matching lingerie.

Perfume. sexy alluring custom made perfume.

perfume, more than anything else

red lip-stick. black clothes.

I need my winged eyeliner.

I like to play with my lips. I love them. They are full and plump which looks interesting with my asian (mixed) face. I usually put some coconut oil on them or even some lip stain if I want them to really pop. I also love to show off my legs with short dresses and wedges.

Shave my legs!

I like sexy dresses and pretty bra and panty sets

lipstick and perfume.

Feel good,look good,be good and everything will follow. And yes,eye-liner,silky hair and cute lingerie are the best.

I wear tighter shirts that emphasize my breaststroke as well as leggings to emphasize my butt. I also put on bright red lipstick with mascara

I always like to wear a maxi dress/skirt that has an awesome drape and flows behind me when I walk. My hair looks best messy, and I have mastered a subtle cat-eye with liquid eyeliner. I always keep my nails short and manicured -- the moment they start to chip, I take off the polish and swipe on a nourishing base coat to give them a break.

Hair is my bane. I have thin, blah hair. When I blow out my hair with lots of product, and it's clean, and I have on red lipstick and fill in my eyebrows and apply a little mascara, I feel sexy. I can be wearing anything. As long as my hair looks good and my face is pretty, that is what matters to me to feel sexy and alluring.

I wear red lipstick and line my eyes carefully and cover up the redness on my face. I dye my hair, and wear it up, usually. I wear bottoms that accentuate my ass and legs. I wear earrings.

I have a collection of garments that are specifically worn when I want to seduce my boyfriend.

I don't know how to do that

Wearing black and throwing heels on.

Smell good.

Smiling and making cut my hair! Getting a shower or a bath! Wearing my favourite necklace.

I feel more attractive when I think my outfit is well chosen or I’m wearing something new or a favourite item, but probably no one else notices the difference. It should be something you do for yourself anyway.

Clothing: sheerness and shirts with buttons opened low. Revealing a little skin is always sexy. Even in the ankles.

Make up: Red lipstick and nailpolish that hasn't chipped.

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