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30. What sorts of things do you do, clothing or make-up or hair-wise, to feel sexy or alluring?

Tight jeans, heels, and some nice false lashes - not too fake. A bit of a tan doesn't hurt, either.

I get my eyebrows done, meaning waxed and plucked. Also, sometimes I'll wear a dress and some nice boots. I need nicer boots!

a good bra, stillettos, pencil skirt, eyeliner and mascara make me feel sexy.

All I have to do to feel sexy is slip into a dress and some heels. I also like to show off my tattoos. That makes me feel sexy, too.

lingerie, tinted moisturizer, good perfume

I wear form-fitting clothing, usually in black, usually low-cut in the top without revealing too much. My hair is always down, because it's up the rest of the time. Most of my "intentional" sexiness comes from my make-up. I don't wear it on a day to day basis, so it is a sort of war-paint, only intended to seduce rather than intimidate. Thick cat's eye liner, red siren lips, and mascara.

i like pretty make-up and hair and cool clothes

Red lipstick. A high heel. I gravitate toward an exposed back if I'm feeling really alluring. I also have very long legs so short skirts also tend to do well by me.

Fitted clothes, nice smooth makesup that accentuates my eyes and lips and a nice pair of tight pants and blazer with heels. Done.

A hat, trenchcoat and Dior's Hypnotic Poison.

I wear nice matching underwear as often as I can. Sometimes it feels like self-preservation. I don't dress "sexy" but I am a bit of a ho for good fabric. I wear a lot of silk and a lot of cashmere. I buy obscure perfume. I open an extra button on my shirt or I wear a dress/skirt. I like wearing heels but my husband gets very impatient if I can't walk quickly or long-distance in them.

I have a long black bob with a short full fringe - I feel more attractive when my hair is down and sleek. I wear dark eye make-up. I like my legs a lot so I wear shorts. I do like to wear clothing which defines my figure, I like to have a defined waist because it makes me look taller and I like the proportions it gives me.

take my clothes off

I wear pencil skirts, and a belt around my waist. I also like to curl my hair, and make my eyes look bigger with makeup. I like to channel Mad Men, Zooey Deschanel and the 50s/60s.

Short skirts or tight dresses, black tights, high heels, lingerie, and red lips or a retro cat eye. Also, very shiny hair and perfume.

Clothing wise, anything that shows off anything, whether it be boobs, butt, waist or legs, makes me feel sexy. Makeup wise, whenever I step it up a notch from my everyday look by adding ful eyeshadow or, of course, red lipstick, I insanely feel a lot sexier.

Usually meditation does it for me. When I meditate, I focus on my chakras, especially my sacral chakra, which deals with creativity and sexuality. Meditation helps me remember who I am and where my power comes from. It doesn't have much to do with my clothes, it's more of a mindset.

I don’t feel sexy or alluring if I spend my time and energy on makeup or hair so I like to go to the spa or salon to get a professional to do all that. Then, I just wear my favourite dress and think of something funny to say.

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