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30. What sorts of things do you do, clothing or make-up or hair-wise, to feel sexy or alluring?

black bra, nice underwear, nice dress, open hair, nice make-up (emphasis on the eyes)

I feel like the word "sexy" and especially "alluring" both imply consciously dressing in order to attract other people. I don't do that. I remember the first time I ever went on a date where I consciously chose clothes that I thought my date would like. Even though I really liked him, it felt really gross to dress in order to fit my idea of what a man would like. I don't do anything to feel sexy or alluring because those things don't really appeal to me stylistically.

I try to make myself as soft and 'touchable' as possible. Soft, thick hair and soft, sweet skin. Soft makeup. Stuff like that.

I choose the clothes that suit me better at that moment, and wash my hair and do a little bit of makeup to enhance my features. Clean underwear usually helps.

I pay more attention to my clothing and my make up when I want to feel sexy. At a situation like that I prefer wearing something that shows my back and a red lipstick. Hair is not that important for me.

Red lipstick does for me what I imagine it does for a large number of women. Makes me feel pretty and confident and like I made an effort.
Making a simple white tshirt look good or special is also really nice - I feel like I've accomplished something.

Loose hair, airdried so it's wavy. Cleavage, sometimes

I'll straighten my hair, or wear a smoky eye, or heels, or a pretty dress.

For clothing, sleeveless and dresses!! I feel like a princess and skinny. Haha! For make up, I love when my eyelashes becomes curly, and on my lips, red color of lipstick is the best! Lastly, for my hair, people say I look more beautiful when my hair's not tied, I think I'll agree for that. Haha.

Dry shampoo for volume, mascara, a little extra blush at the end of a workday, denim.

Always shopping.

I jump in the pool! or go for the slow disclose.

I don't think in those terms any more. I merely want to be the best version of myself that I can be, and don't feel that sexiness is necessarily part of that. Nor am I trying to attract anyone.

Wear tight pants or skirt to show of my legs, wear a bit more make-up than usual and style my hair nicley

depends on the day... but a bit of all helps to sexy me up

I am strategic about what shows. I feel sexy if a shoulder or part of my back shows rather than my breasts (which could be because mine are so large that they show all the time anyway). I don't really change my hair to feel sexy, but that could be because I've had such strange and different hairstyles the past few years that I do it every day. With makeup, I might go dramatic with cat eyes and red lipstick, but I usually feel prettier and more enticing with the simple mascara that I usually wear, just a bit more of it. I guess it's the subtle sexiness that make me feel most sexy, as opposed to the blatant sensuality that a lot of makeup and boobs present.

Wear nice makeup, style my hair nicely and wear dressy up clothes.

Lately absolutely nothing. I colour my eyebrows. that's about as sexy as I get. Feel blue about this. i used to like to wear a v-neck - it's a shape that looks good on me, but no more. now I'm too pillowy there. it just looks like a butt crack.

I tend not to put too much effort on these things:
I do not to wear make up (not since I was 15) (I am lucky enough to be a fairly natural beauty) and will only put on make up on certain occasions
I like my hair soft and alluring - but it has to come completely maintenance free! (no interest in spending too much time there)
I try to always look my best in the clothes I choose in the sense of being alluring, yet modest

Wearing my lingerie under something sheet. Makes me feel like I'm confident in my body, and I'm confident that I look good. Nothing trashy of course. But a pink lace bra under a nude chiffon shirt screams sexy to me.

A nice shaped eye a beautiful leg revealing dress and a seductive perfume works well every time

I wish I knew how to make myself look sexy. I have never once felt sexy. I think sexiness must be a state of mind.

Feeling sexy just is or isn't with me. I think it has to do more with feeling happy and confident than anything else. If I'm there in my head I'm a sexy beast--watch out!

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